The list of updated prices for international flights operated by Turkmenistan’s Airlines

Chronicles of Turkmenistan has obtained an updated price list for international flights operated by Turkmenistan's Airlines.

The ticket price to dollar and euro ratio might be changed in connection with the transition to the online ticket sale. Ugry is translated as destination; MAlhleti � class; Gigis � one-way; Gaydys � return; Jemi � total; Bizness � business class; Ekanom/Ekenom � economy class.

The Ashgabat's airline ticket office informed a correspondent of Chronicles of Turkmenistan that the updated prices are already valid, but, according to Radio Azatlyk, the increase in prices is expected to take place in mid May. Staff of Turkmenistan's Airlines representation office in Russia say that they are not aware of what is going on.

Let us recall that it became known yesterday that the airfare for flights operated by the Turkmen air carrier doubled.

Update. Immediately after the publication an employee of Ashgabat airport informed that no decree pertaining to prices had been issued so far. However, it is almost impossible to purchase tickets using the old or updated price list.

Update 2. We have added the photo of another price list, pursuant to which new prices are valid from 2 May onward.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan