The master photographer of Turkmenistan Babasary is a guest at Annamyradov’s house

Art collectors are rare, if not rare, in the country. That is why our photojournalist Alexey Gimalitdinov and I went to the workshop of Babasary Annamyradov, a folk artist of Turkmenistan. In the small courtyard in front of the workshop, there are statues of legendary historical figures and well-known cultural workers of our time. Among them is the sculptor Babasary Annamyradov's own statue. Babasary Annamyradov's famous statue called "Village Teacher" is also placed here. He is a typical image of an old teacher who has taught generations of villagers. Despite his advanced age, Babasary Annamyradov, who is always secretive, made several copies of this work.

The collection of pictures begins with two pictures of Nikolai Chervyakov, as we mentioned in a special article in our e-news. Two still lifes with a traditional vase of flowers, a window curtain... From the outside, it seems that there is nothing special, but the photographer is so fond of them that the heat of the stove can be felt in the pictures.

He is a perfect photographer - says Babasary Annamyradov, a famous master photographer of Turkmenistan - When you look at his picture "Guzer", you can see that only a pure person can see beauty and draw it in a way that suits people.

On the first floor, mainly Babasary Annamyradov's own works are placed. The plaster statue of Shahir Gurbannazar Ezizov impresses with the fine image of the poet. The poet looks like he's looking at a book whose pages are decorated with female characters. On the shelf opposite it is a rare statue of the classical poet Garajaogla.

The picture taken by Nikolai Yershov is placed in the most prominent place. it depicts Abat and Babasari, the collectors of the paintings - Abat and Babasari, inspired by the desert of the Motherland.

We went up the spiral staircase to the second floor. Here are Gennady Babikov's "Bread", Annadurdy Myradalyev's "Wife and Grandfather", Durdy Bayramov's "Still Life", Yuliya Daneshwar's "Portrait of Muzafar Daneshwar", several works by Robert Shabuns, three paintings by Vladimir Pavlosky, Stanislav Babikov's "Cotton Pickers", Tokar Tugurov's Abat", Annadurdy Almammedov's "Flowers", Yevgenia Adamova's "Flowers", and a picture of the famous painter Chary Hummedov.

- How many pictures and statues are there in total? - we wondered.

- About 600 in total. They can be considered works of art from the 50s of the last century. Now new generations of painters are painting in a new way. Even then, the importance of the principle of realism used by the masters who created my collections is not lost.

- How did you manage to collect so many works?

- I never dreamed of becoming an art collector. I once took a picture of an artist I know. Later, the paintings of other painters joined him. As the photos grew, so did my desire to collect them. Some painters donated their works so that their paintings would be preserved. My wife, an art student, Abat Muhadova, gradually joined the collection of works of art. We toured the districts and met the local master jewellers, carpet weavers, felt weavers, carpet weavers and plasterers. Thus, our folk art exhibition was created.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper