The Ministry of Agriculture and the German GIZ organized a seminar for Turkmen journalists

A seminar for journalists on the theme Climate Change and Pastures in Turkmenistan, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment Protection and the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), began in Ashgabat

The seminar was attended by delegates of the Regional Program of GIZ, the Agency for Hydrometeorology of Kyrgyzstan, the CAMP Alatoo public foundation, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkmenistan and the media.

According to the state news agency TDH , foreign experts made presentations on climate change and its forecasting, global consequences of global warming, including in Central Asia, as well as the impact of these processes on the development of agriculture in the region. Turkmen specialists familiarized the participants with the work carried out in the country in accordance with the projects in this direction.

Note that most often seminars for journalists and workers of various organizations of Turkmenistan are held by the OSCE.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan