The Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan ordered about 80 thousand laptops for first graders

The Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan ordered the Aydin Gidzheler (Clear Nights) Economic Society to manufacture about 80,000 laptops of the Bilimli (Educated) brand for first-graders in Turkmenistan. The company plans to complete the release of this batch of gadgets by September 1.

The educational model of the computer contains 11 educational programs in Russian, Turkmen and English developed by the company's specialists. Laptops support the Android 12.0 operating system, have an internal memory of 64 gigabytes and 2 gigabytes of RAM. The model also supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth options.

Since 2011, on September 1, first-graders in Turkmenistan have been given computers on behalf of the head of state.