The Ministry of Health recommends eating noodles with pepper weekly for the prevention of “respiratory diseases”

The Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan published recommendations for the prevention and treatment of "seasonal acute respiratory diseases" in the newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan. Coronavirus is not mentioned in the text.

The Ministry of Health recommends:

• wear masks and maintain a safe distance of 2 meters in public places;

• lubricate the nose with oxolinic ointment for the elderly and children;

• there is onion and garlic, as well as weekly use of the national noodles (unash) with red pepper, thanks to which "the disease is much easier to tolerate."

• drink healing teas, including those made from licorice root, according to the recipes of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov from the book "Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan".

In March 2020, the head of state, without mentioning the coronavirus, said that fumigation of premises with harmala is a good way to prevent infectious diseases, and Turkmen noodles with pepper are effective for preventing colds, "which has been proven in practice."

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Adding pepper to soup or other foods does NOT protect or cure COVID -19!

Spicy peppers in food certainly have gastronomic benefits, but they do not prevent or cure COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself from the new coronavirus infection is to maintain a distance of at least one meter from others and wash your hands frequently and thoroughly. In addition, a balanced diet, adequate fluid intake, regular exercise and healthy sleep have a beneficial general tonic effect.

Does garlic protect against infection with the new coronavirus?

Garlic is a healthy food that has certain antimicrobial properties. However, during the current outbreak, there has been no evidence of the efficacy of eating garlic as a preventive measure against the novel coronavirus.

In December 2020, President Berdymukhamedov discovered the medicinal properties of licorice, which he believes can treat COVID-19.


At the end of August, the epidemiological situation in Turkmenistan deteriorated sharply. Hospitals are overcrowded, cemeteries do not have time to dig graves to bury people, and prices for antiviral drugs have risen many times over. At the same time, the government of Turkmenistan continues to claim that no cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in the country.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan