The monument opened in Ashgabat a month ago is being dismantled

The demolition of the recently installed monument Zemin (The Earth) is still underway in Ashgabat. Moreover, works are underway along the entire avenue, on the intersection of which the monument had been installed.

The works are continuing even at night.

Let us recall that this is not the first time when recently constructed objects are dismantled in Ashgabat. For instance, a year ago, in February 2016 a bridge from the VIP terminal of the new airport, which had been commissioned two months before, was knocked down.

According to reports from Radio Azatlyk, three months after opening the new airport building started sinking.

Minor construction flaws and shortcoming are often identified. Curbs along the streets are not equipped with ramps for people with baby carriages or wheelchair users, whereas recently built pavements are not equipped with drainage systems which result in big pools being formed and basements being flooded with water. Ill-designed routes of pedestrian walkways collide into a wall which cannot be bypassed.

In the majority of cases all these violations stem from the fact that the authorities demand that construction objects are commissioned in the run-up to a holiday and the contractor is forced to complete the works after the opening and commission a hastily built object.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan