The most beautiful ahalteke horse of 2019 is announced

Ahalteke Equestrian Complex, which hosted the events on occasion of National Turkmen Horse Holiday with the participation of the Head of the State, held the final round of International ahalteke horse beauty contest with the participation.

Final demonstration of the most gracious and outstanding by exterior representatives of the breed add refined aesthetics to the celebration and every time, these shows, which charm by its striking excellence, impress and admire amateurs and connoisseurs of horses again and again.

Ten best ahalteke horses of the country, which were selected at previous rounds, were taken to demonstration podium. Every horse was presented to the jury and public including name, age, pedigree information, name of the owner. All finalists continue one or another bloodline, which goes back to famous ancestors, and numerous lovers of 'heaven' horses had a chance to appreciate a wonderful, refined stature of the descendants of glorious horses, which put the main branches in selective breeding of pure ahalteke horses.

The horses have demonstrated their exterior and training with magnificent dignity winning the public with perfect lines and proportions.

Time to sum up the results of the contest and to announce the decision of competent judicial committee, which included national and foreign experts and horse breeders, has come.

Having discussed the opinions and consulted with each other, the members of jury announced the name of the most beautiful ahalteke horse of 2019. It was goldish chestnut Parast from Ahalteke Equestrian Complex.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper