The new residential area will be built in the western part of Ashgabat

The new residential area will be formed within the 16th stage of construction in the west of the Turkmen capital along the Makhtumkuli Avenue. It is foreseen by the project the construction of ten 72-apartment and six 48-apartment buildings.

More than a thousand families will become owners of apartments in luxury homes. The availability in the planning structure of the district of convenient access roads, parking lots, bus stops, green areas and a large shopping center, which will be built at the intersection of Mahtumkuli and Keshi streets, will create all necessary conditions for residents. The clear outline sketch of the development of the new housing estate will harmoniously enter the architectural ensemble of the capital and will emphasize its modern style, combining functionality, environmental friendliness, aesthetics, convenience and dynamism.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper