The nominating process for the forthcoming elections complies with the principle of alternativeness

Turkmenistan is preparing for the elections of Mejlis deputies of the sixth convocation, members of the khalk maslakhaty and Gengeshi, scheduled on March 25. The coming elections will be another step to improve further the multilevel system of genuine sovereignty, based on native national and democratic traditions.

Within the current socio-political campaign, in election constituencies, there were held meetings to nominate their representatives to the Parliament from the Democratic Party, the Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Agrarian Party and groups of citizens, in the course of which the worthiest challengers are delegated for the position of people's representatives in the legislature.

The constituencies for the election of the khalk maslakhaty and Gengeshi members also hold meetings of velayat's, etrap's and municipal organizations of political parties and citizens' groups on their candidates' nomination.

In accordance with the Electoral Code, it is considered an unlimited number of nominees. It should be noted that the proposed candidatures are highly respected hardworking people, including many experienced organizers, professionals involved in various sectors of the national economy.

A few candidates are put forward for one place in all districts that meets the principles of the elections alternativeness and it's a sharp evidence of deepening the democratic processes in independent neutral Turkmenistan. The participation of international and national observers will facilitate the transparency and objectivity of the electoral process.

The nominating process proceeds on the back of a heavy polling, that is to a large extent due to the work with the population, organized by local activists of public organizations and representatives of government agencies at all levels.

Registration of candidates begins 50 days before the election, after which there will be meetings with voters, where they will be familiarized with the election programs of candidates, and will be able to ask their questions.

Source: The state news agency of Turkmenistan