The opening ceremony of a new residential building was held in our capital

Today, on the eve of International Women's Day, the opening ceremony of a nine-story, 108-house modern residential building was held in the capital. As a result of the President's concern, the happy families moved to a new residential building that was built and ready for use in the Parahat-7 residential complex.

On the square in front of the new building, which was decorated with various balloons and entertaining speeches, representatives of the capital and etraps of the city, honorable elders, silver-haired mothers, young people and many residents of Ashgabat, guests and representatives of mass media gathered.

The creative groups of Ashgabat carried the joy of families moving into new houses with their lively musical performances.

During the event, gifts were presented to the builders who worked hard on behalf of the President.

When the main moment of the ceremony arrived, the keys of the new house were handed over to the owners in a solemn ceremony. Among those who got the keys to the new house were happy families with eight children. They expressed their heartfelt gratitude to our Heroic Comrade and Comrade Serdar for giving them such a happy life and wished that their souls would be healthy, their lives long, and their great and responsible state work would always be successful.

The participants of the event crossed the threshold of the houses of happy families with 8 children who bought a house in a modern house and got acquainted with the comfortable conditions created here.

In the Parahat-7 residential complex of Ashgabat, the most modern solutions were used in the construction of nine-story residential buildings and their furnishing and decoration works. It should be noted that apartments with spacious rooms also have additional facilities. The houses' kitchens, balconies, and their construction features fully meet the high standards of comfort.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper