The Ozone Centre organizes the seminar for specialists on refrigeration technology and split systems

Seminar, which was organized by the Ozone Centre under the State Committee for Natural Protection and Land Resources, was dedicated to modern service methods of refrigeration equipment and introduction of alternative cooling agents. Refrigeration equipment and air conditioning system specialists representatives of the government and private companies, as well as student were the participants of the training.

Aspects of fulfilment of the obligations of the country followed from the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer the Vienna Convention of Protection of the Ozone Layer aimed at the phaseout of hydrochlorofluorcarbons by 2040 have been highlighted at the seminar.

Alternatives to hydrochlorofluorcarbons have been reviewed as well as the subjects of service of different refrigeration equipment, exchange of knowledge and information have been discussed and recommendations on safe use and environment protection while dealing with cooling agents have been given at the seminar.

Turkmenistan follows international obligations of the Montreal Protocol. Starting from the adoption of the Vienna Convention, all regulations were included to the Law of Turkmenistan on Protection of the Ozone Layer. For the last years, 99 percent of ozonedepleting substances has been taken out of the circulation in the country and as for today, Freon R22 is the only ozonedepleting substance in Turkmenistan, which limited use is under strict monitoring.

Phase out of ozonedepleting hydrochlorofluorcarbons has sped up the introduction of safe alternatives and enhanced the improvement of energy efficiency of refrigeration equipment.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper