The poem of the Turkmen poet participated in the competition of literary translations “Friendship of Literature – Friendship of Peoples-2022”

At the literary translation competition “Friendship of Literature – Friendship of Peoples-2022” that ended this fall, one of the poems of the famous Turkmen poet, translator and people’s writer of Turkmenistan Kerim Kurbannepesov was included among the works of national poets proposed for translation into Russian by interlinear.

Subtle lyricist and deep philosopher K. Kurbannepesov created more than 20 poetic books – “Heart found in the sands”, “Roots”, “If only there were three lives …” and others. In them, each reader finds thoughts, feelings and reflections that are consonant with his soul about the meaning of life, eternal values, art and the mission of the poet. The works of the Turkmen poet were translated into a number of foreign languages, songs were created on his poems that went to the people.

From childhood, the great Magtymguly was the spiritual mentor and idol of Kerim Kurbannepesov, who served him as a moral beacon and source of inspiration. Admiration for the genius of Magtymguly is reflected in the poems, diaries and notebooks of the poet, for whom the award of the Magtymguly International Prize in 1970 was truly the highest award.

As part of the literary translation competition “Friendship of Literature – Friendship of Peoples-2022”, the poem of the Turkmen poet could be translated into Russian by authors from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Israel, Norway and many regions of Russia, who sent their works to the competent jury. The objectives of the competition are: strengthening cultural ties and mutual understanding between peoples; development and support of national literatures; popularization of creativity of national poets; support for talented translators. This year the competition was organized for the eighth time by the Astrakhan branch of the Writers’ Union of Russia. Everyone could take part in it, regardless of belonging to creative unions, age and literary experience.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper