The power industry of the northern region is successfully modernized

The successful implementation of the National Program for the reforming of social and living conditions of the population of villages, settlements, cities, etraps and etrap centers until 2020 facilitates accelerated withdrawal of the Dashoguz region energy system to a qualitatively new level. New high-voltage transmission lines installed throughout the region, new transformer substations of various capacities being installed, the existing networks and communications that are being updated in accordance with the requirements of the day, have already made it possible to increase significantly the supply of electricity to towns and villages and significantly reduce its losses.

The five new power transmission lines were built in recent years in the Akdepinsky etrap of the Dashoguz region. Thus, the total length of the new transmission line with a capacity of 10 and 0.4 kilovolts in the geneshlik Tyaze-oba made 4 kilometers 745 meters. It is also installed a new complex transformer substation with a capacity of 250 kilovolts-ampere. The new transmission lines with a length of two and a half kilometers and one kilometer were built by specialists of the economic society "Yupek Yolly Gurlushik" in the villages of the Alili geneshlik Azadi and Garrov-village of the Pakhtachylyk geneshlik. Similar works, carried out in two other settlements of the etrap, are mainly intended to provide electricity to new rural areas.

Complex works providing the wide introduction of modern technologies and contributing to the modernization of the energy industry in accordance with modern requirements are conducted actively in other etraps of the region, where until 2020 is planned to build thousands of kilometers of new electric lines.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper