The President instructed the Deputy Prime Ministers and Hyakims to prepare “worthy” celebrations of the Day of Neutrality and the New Year

On November 29, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held an online meeting, discussing regional development, agriculture and preparations for the celebrations of Neutrality Day and New Year with the chairman of the lower house of parliament, some deputy prime ministers and khyakims of the velayats and Ashgabat, the state information agency TDH reports .

The Chairperson of the Mejlis Gulshat Mammadova said that WHO highly appreciated the large-scale work and successes achieved in the health sector of Turkmenistan and spoke about the idea of holding an inter-parliamentary forum in Turkmenistan. Berdymukhamedov approved the proposal.

The head of state instructed the vice-premier in charge of construction, industry and energy, Charymyrat Purchekov , to speed up the construction of facilities in order to complete them on schedule and ensure uninterrupted power supply in the country.

The khyakim of Ashgabat, Rakhym Gandymov, was ordered by Berdimuhamedov to prepare for the "worthy" celebration of the Day of Neutrality (December 12) and the New Year.

Also, Deputy Prime Minister for Culture and Media Myahrijemal Mammedova was appointed responsible for the "worthy" celebrations .

The khyakims of the velayats reported on preparations for the holidays, on the successful implementation of agricultural work and "on large-scale activities aimed at improving the social security of the population."

Deputy Prime Minister Esenmyrat Orazgeldiev , who is in charge of agriculture, said that the harvesting of cotton continues in the fields, which has been harvested at the moment, 1.269.838 tons, and the planned plan has been fulfilled by 101.59%.

On November 11, Berdymukhamedov was informed about the fulfillment of the plan for picking cotton in the amount of 1 million 250 thousand tons .

After the report, the President instructed Orazgeldiyev to harvest winter potatoes and other agricultural crops without losses in order to provide the country's markets with a sufficient amount of vegetable products.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan