The President meets with shepherds in Turkmenistan’s northern province

Goats and sheep from the entire region are being herded at the daihan's association Altyn asyr located in Rukhybelent etrap of Dashoguz velayat. The Turkmen President is expected to pay a visit tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to hold a meeting with shepherds.

With a view to making television coverage more optimistic and helping demonstrate the accomplishments in cattlebreeding, flocks of sheep from neighbouring districts have been brought here for three days in a row. At the same time, our observers report that no fodder or water for so many sheep and goats has been provided. The problem is being addressed by delivering water in water carriers.

A helicopter pad has been installed in front of the meeting point. Seven more helicopter pads have been prepared in other districts of the velayat.

Police squadrons from the entire region have been deployed at the expected venues of the President's stops.

The Rukhybelent etrap was established in 2007. The incumbent president, who is visiting here as part of his election campaign to meet voters, was present at the festivities dedicated to the opening of the regional centre.

In his pre-election trips across the region the President of Turkmenistan has already held meetings with power engineers, construction workers and entrepreneurs. Now it is the turn of the shepherds.

Berdymukhammedov is expected to spend two days in Dashoguz velayat.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan