The President of Turkmenistan addressed the greetings to the participants of the forum timed to the 10th anniversary of the Institute of International Relations

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the greetings to the participants of scientific and practical conference Diplomacy of neutral Turkmenistan: From the history to the future.

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and on the beginning of work of the conference timed to this remarkable date, the message of the Head of the State says.

Turkmenistan occupies deserving place in the modern system of international relations actively increasing productive cooperation. Pursuing precise and constructive foreign policy, we proposal actual initiatives followed from the priority objectives of the world community, first of all, for the provision of universal peace, security and sustainable development.

Being invariably committed to universally recognized status of permanent neutrality, our country pays special attention to political and diplomatic methods and solutions for the support of constructive international relations in Central Asia and beyond its borders. The efficiency of practical measures in foreign policy causes the growth and consolidation of the authority of our state as reliable and responsible partner that follows the principles of transparency. This is visually indicated by number of the Resolutions adopted by the United Nations General Assembly by the initiative of Turkmenistan, - the message mentions.

These Resolutions actualize such important universal aspects as the consolidation of regional stability and security, transit of the energy resources and development of transport and communication infrastructure.

Set Goals of Sustainable Development pay special attention to the provision of comprehensive, fair and quality education. In this direction, Turkmenistan steadily increases efficient cooperation with the United Nations and other international structures including our main partners like the UN Development Programme, the Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization and the UN Children Fund.

Our state pays great importance to the involvement of its colossal potential and unique by volumes natural resources for the sake of national, regional and global interests as well as for the goals of sustainable development focusing on the activation of the cooperation in this direction.

Turkmenistan considers the solution of global conflicts exclusively by peaceful methods, provision of energy security, formation of transport corridors, consolidation of cultural and humanitarian dialog as priority vectors of cooperation with all interested parties especially with the United Nations, which would be continued in the future, - the message highlights.

Fruitful development of international relations in modern conditions requires professional skills, deep knowledge and talent, comprehensive training of diplomatic service personnel. Efficient activity of national diplomatic service, its compliance to high requirements are always in the focus. In this regards, all necessary conditions are made for further improvement of high diplomatic school on the government level.

Qualified specialists, the graduates of the Institute of International Relations successfully work in the Government offices, first of all in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatic missions and consulates to foreign countries.

Scientific and research activity of topical issues of foreign policy and diplomacy arranged in the Institute, on which the Institute has already published number of books and monographs, gives good results. At present, this work is continued. I am confident that professors and lecturers of the university will continue deservingly fulfilling set objectives using gained experience in the context of realization of the concept of foreign course of Turkmenistan in 2017 � 2023, - the message of the President says.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper