The President of Turkmenistan addresses congratulation to women

I cordially congratulate you on International Woman Day, which is brightly celebrated in wonderful season of nature spring awakening, when mountains and valleys are covered with a carpet of abundance of flowers and our blessed desert seems to be turned to life from the riot of colours!

I wish that the life of each of you to be such beautiful and bright as a spring itself! I wish you strong health, family prosperity and happiness!

Our people wisely says: When woman is happy, the Earth is happy. Your happiness is prosperity of the country. Your smiles give endless happiness to all people. The beauty of the spring is the reflection of your beauty.

You are an inspiration of melody tunes and music. You are the heart of all the beauty of wonderful nature. Our noble girls are the light of our eyes and proud of the people. We admire our women devoted to the family hearth!

We always highly esteem and respect our dear mothers and beautiful like flowers women and girls. You are the source and adornment of our life. Your souls keep the purity of this world. All our goals, everything what we do is aimed at provision of peaceful and prosperous life in the country, which is a wish of every mother.

While being adornments of the families, our women work in different branches making considerable contribution to improvement of the country. Your rich spiritual world and beauty of your souls are reflected in high poetry and fine arts.

Your works inspire our hearts filling them with love to life. There are purl of clean mounting springs, beauty of blossomed spring flowers in your poems. Your melodic songs are like an anthem of the epoch. Your works adorn our life as furious rivers give birth to the rampage of nature on their banks. Let you always be filled with inspiration!

As a fact, mothers are the greatest poets and the greatest singers. They bring up growing generation by their tender lullabies giving their best feelings to the souls of their children.

The kindness and endearment of mothers shed the light to the world and family hearths. Worshiping the shrines of mothers, we put them on the same level as Kaaba.

The great poet and thinker Magtumguly Fragi has following lines:

Any words taste like food without salt when there's no woman in the words

Beloved mothers, women and girls!

Our sovereign state will continue highly honouring you!

May your faces shine with smiles like spring flowers!

May the inspiration always seethe in your hearts!

May your life will be bright and beautiful as a spring!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I congratulate you on this bright spring holiday � International Woman Day!

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper