The President of Turkmenistan addresses greetings to the participants of exhibition White City Ashgabat

Having congratulated on the start of work of XVIII International Multipurpose Exhibition White City Ashgabat, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that this review would be very important in improvement of international cooperation and exchange of practice.

It was mentioned in the message that XVIII International Multipurpose exhibition White City Ashgabat would demonstrate the achievement of Turkmen capital in urban construction sphere to the world as well as would be the ground for discussion of perspectives of its further development, priority directions of cooperation in this sphere.

Today, our wonderful capital develops turning into one of the most beautiful cities of the world. according to the projects represented annually at this international review, numerous buildings making our city better have been already built. These magnificent constructions change the appearance of the main city of the country. Every year, its borders are expanding by opening of new white-marble buildings. Ashgabat asserts its status of political and business centre of international level.

Construction of administration buildings, residential complexes, schools, hospitals, service facilities, engineering communications and roads as well as parks and gardens is continued in the capital. At present time, the plan of construction of residential buildings and social and cultural facilities under the 16th phase of urban construction of Ashgabat is successfully implemented together with construction works all around the country.

Creation and support of favourable environment for Ashgabat residents is among the main conditions of development of the capital, which beauty is highlighted by green zones, blooming parks and gardens.

New production, social and cultural facilities, scientific, educational and medical centres, sport complexes, multi-storey buildings in Ashgabat have become not only the decoration of our white-marble city but also serves to the improvement of social and living level of the country's population including by provision of wide spectrum of high quality social services, the Head of the State notes.

Current exhibition is the ground for study of new proposals and success of different branches of national economy, industrial, cultural, scientific and educational potential of Ashgabat, its colossal social and economic resources and capabilities.

Integrated urban construction programme provides turning of the capital into one of the most beautiful and comfortable cities of the world. I am confident that this high goal will be reflected in current review, which is held in Turkmen capital, - the message of the President says.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper