The President of Turkmenistan and highrank guests visit innovations and motor exhibitions

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and members of the First Caspian Economic Forum visited International Exhibition of Innovative Technologies and Turkmen sA�hrasy2019 motor review.

Largescale exposition was located at the territory of Turkmenbashy International Port. Performance of the folk band forestalled the tour around the exposition.

After, the President of Turkmenistan and heads of the governments went to see the review of innovative technologies, which became an efficient ground for exchange of ideas, proposals, establishment of business contacts and partnership.

Having highly appreciated the organization of exhibition, the guests noted the expansion, complexity and comprehensiveness of highlighting of current directions of cooperation of Caspian states, which were discussed at the representative forum in Avaza.

57 foreign and 62 local exhibitors were represented at grandiose review, which idea is a sustainable development of the economy and society through science and technologies.

The biggest area was allocated to Turkmenistan exhibition hall, which visually demonstrates the success and achievements of all branches. Special interest was raised by one of the most remarkable exhibits architectural model of Ashgabat city, which strikes the imagination with its sizes.

Turkmen leader introduced his companions with this project, having made a tour around the streets, squares and parks of Ashgabat city, having told about its buildings and facilities, their purpose, distinguishing features of planning and design.

Besides Turkmen exhibition hall, the Head of the State and his guest looked around the expositions of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan and Russian Federation where high technological goods and services of innovative facilities, models of national scientific and technical infrastructure, inventions and development of research and construction centre, industrial projects have been presented.

The President of Turkmenistan and heads of the delegations have also visited International motor show where they would be able to see the legends and novelties of the world motor industry.

The displays of Russian vehicle producers attracted the attention with high profile Aurus car, which white version has been appreciated by the Head of the State before the session of the First Caspian Economic Service.

Parade Aurus Senat convertible was a star of motor show, however, there were other interesting exhibits from Russian automobile industry.

For example, KamAZ presented its unmanned electrical bus, which is designated for 6 seats and 6 standing places. The shuttle bus, equipped with 5G modems stops and drop off passengers by the request and its sensors send realtime information about the parameters of movement and modes of work of units and aggregates.

Special place in the exhibition was given to Mini, the famous brand of economy cars designed in Great Britain by British Motor Corporation in 1958. It was produced by different holdings; BMW Concern was the last one. For Turkmen citizens, the vehicle is famous with another legend, which became another grandiose project of Amul Hazar 2018 International Rally.

Also, during the tour around the exposition, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and heads of Caspian states looked around the models illustrating the development of Uzbek and Iranian automobile industry.

In the end of the visit to the exhibition, small aircrafts and helicopters from the designers and producers of the Republic of Tatarstan have been presented to the attention of Turkmen leader and guests.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper