The President of Turkmenistan convened a working meeting on the eve of International Children’s Day

On the eve of International Children's Day, President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov held a working meeting with the participation of some members of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Chairperson and the heads of Mejlis committees, and also a number of ministries and public organizations. Issues of implementation of the country's political course, aiming at the comprehensive development and education of the young generation were put on an agenda.

Opening the meeting, the head of state underlined that infant care is one of the main priorities of the socially oriented state policy.

The meeting focused on a work, carried out by Mejlis of Turkmenistan, on the legal protection of maternity and childhood, the adopted legislative documents, aimed at youth development, introduction to physical education and sport. It was reported on publicity and educational work, carried out by the Labor Center and the Central Council of the Union of women.

The work on the harmonious upbringing of the younger generation, creating conditions for prosperous life of children, their medical social security system, fulfilling the intellectual potential, getting a modern education was in the center of reports of Cabinet Deputy Chairman S.Toilyev, supervising this sector, and also heads of the ministries of health and medical industry and education.

Noting that the protection system of maternity and childhood obtained huge state support in Turkmenistan, including legislation improvement, implementation of national target programs, the construction of modern medical and health centers, etc., the head of state focused on further advancing this work. The subject of close attention should be the children's life quality improvement, consolidation of family's social status and popularization of traditional family values.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov focused on the necessity of further reforming of national health care, highlighting the value of children's health and recreation centers created, gave assignments to improve the child welfare standards, and perfect the preventive work. The head of state emphasized to give unremitting attention to reforming of national education system, based on best practices, and training of highly qualified personnel.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper