The President of Turkmenistan: Education is a foundation of development of the state and society

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed celebration message to school graduates and personnel of educational sphere of Turkmenistan on occasion of educational year and the Last bell ceremony.

Let me extend my congratulation on this remarkable and joyful event of the Last Bell ceremony! I wish big success in new stage of their lives to the graduates, who say goodbye today to schools and teachers, have exciting and unforgettable feelings! – The message of the Head of the State says.

Younger generation is our main reliance. Young men and women who graduate from schools this year, undoubtedly, will take active part in successful realization of social and economic, cultural and education, social and political changes.

It is a great honour and big happiness to study, learn, create for prosperous life of native people. Therefore, receiving education, scientific and creative activity, strive to work and improve have to be the main goal of today’s school graduates.

“Here is my fatherly advice – you have to be deserving successors of great traditions of the ancestors improving the power of our state, its world authority and glory with our knowledge and abilities”, – the message of the President said.

The country successfully implements reforms aimed at bringing of educational system to the level of developed countries of the world, first at bringing up of physically and morally fit, educated generation. Modern secondary and high educational facilities, kindergartens, health improving and entertainment centres have been built and are under construction in all regions of the country under adopted programmes. Provision of educational facilities with high quality manuals and guidebooks, introduction of new technologies is carried out steadily.

Transfer of secondary schools to 12-year study, stimulation of younger generation to master new knowledge, finding, development and comprehensive support of talents significantly improve intellectual potential of society. our policy in educational sphere supports to expansion of friendly relations and fruitful cooperation with leading international organizations, the message says.

Future belongs to the youth and the youth has to receive deserved education while teachers, the representatives of the most honoured and respected job have to have all capabilities for implementation of their potential. We will take permanent care to provide all of these.

The state support of growing generation and reforms give wonderful results. We are proud of our young and talented compatriots who deservingly represent the country achieving big success.

Education is a foundation of development of the state and society. School graduates have to make deserving contribution to prosperity of the country. For this, they have to study well, to create, to learn the world of science as future belongs to this generation. This is the generation that will have to enhance world authority of our neutral state, the message of Turkmen leader highlights.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH