The President of Turkmenistan emphasized the importance of an integrated approach to solving problems in the fuel and energy sector

Topical issues of public life were discussed at the next meeting of the government, which was held last Friday by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. In particular, the ViceChairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Meredov reported on the State of affairs in the structural units of the fuel and energy complex and the measures taken for the successful implementation of the "program of development of the oil and gas industry of the country for the period up to 2030" to the head of state.

Having heard the report, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused on the key aspects of the implementation of the energy strategy of Turkmenistan aimed at the intensive development and modernization of the domestic oil and gas industry through the introduction of innovative technologies, the expansion of the industrial infrastructure of the fuel and energy complex, the optimal use of the huge hydrocarbon potential, the activation of mutually beneficial partnership with all interested partners.

Stressing the importance of a carefully thoughtout, integrated approach to the solution of all tasks in this sphere, the President gave the Deputy Prime Minister a number of relevant instructions.

Pointing to the shortcomings in the activities of the structural units of the oil and gas complex, the head of state announced M. Meredov a strict reprimand for improper performance of official duties, shortcomings in the work, signing the relevant document.

Source: NebitGaz