The President of Turkmenistan gives fast breaking food donation in the capital’s mosque

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave fast breaking food donation in the capital’s mosque located in Mir 7 residential estate on the first day of Ramadan.

The vehicle of the Head of the State came to the mosque that was opened in September 2018. Architectural image of the mosque, which total area is more than 13,000 square meters, meets the best traditions of national architecture and modern trends in this sphere.

Upon arrival, the Head of the State has talked to the elders, having expressed gratitude to them for active participation in events that are very important in life of society and state.

After the conversation, the Head of the state and elders went to the mosque. Sacred teperrik, which was presented to the President of Turkmenistan during his haj to Makkah, is sept in glass capsule in the mosque. As is known, it is displayed in all mosques of the country. sacred canvas with script from Kaaba, which was sent to Turkmen leader as a memorable gift from Makkah, is also displayed in the mosque. Participants of the events knelt in front of the teperrik and sacred canvas.

In special premise of the building, the Head of the State gave traditional food donation for the royalties received from his books. Before the meal, the President of the country addressed the participants with speech.

Today is the first day of the sacred month of Ramadan, Turkmen leader said, having extended wishes that the fasting in this period and good prayers would be accepted bby the Almighty.

As you know, the Head of the State continued, we treat ancient traditions given us by ancestors with special respect, carefully protect spiritual values. All conditions are made for observing of national rites and customs, pilgrimage to holly places.

Construction of mosques in the velayats and capital of our country Ashgabat serves as an evidence of deserved continuation and enhancement of our traditions and customs, which were originated in the past. The Head of the State asked the Mufti of Turkmenistan to read a prayer.

The Mufti of the country said ‘tebyarek’ prayer, after which ritual meal took place. After the meal, the ‘ayat tovir’ prayer and wishes that fast breaking food donation given by the President of Turkmenistan on the first day of Ramadan would be accepted by the Almighty have been said.

In the end of the food donation, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov wished all the best to all participants and people of Turkmenistan, said warm goodbye and left the place of event.

On behalf of the Head of the State, Hezreti Omar mosque received vehicle as a gift.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH

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