The President of Turkmenistan held a video selector working meeting

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov held a regular video selector working meeting by direct communication with participation of deputy-chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers who supervises spheres of science, education, public health services and sports, khyakims of velayats and Ashgabat. Aspects of socio-economic development of regions of the country and the capital, the course of fulfilment of seasonal agricultural activities were considered, issues of preparation for the Asian Games -2017 were discussed.

Deputy-chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers S.Toylyev reported on the events held on the occasion of Day of Science and preparation for the international scientific conference Science, technics and innovative technologies in the epoch of happiness with participation of scientists from 30 countries of the world.

President Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov sent his warm congratulations to all Turkmen nationals on the occasion of Day of Science marked on June, 12th.

At the meeting the state of affairs in the capital, the pace of construction of projects and activity to ensure their timely commissioning, accepted measures for accomplishment of the city, modernisation of its infrastructure and preparation for reception of participants and visitors of the 5th Asian indoor and martial arts games were also informed.

The video selector working meeting continued with reports of khyakims of velayats who informed on the state of affairs in regions, grain-harvesting campaign, agro-technical activities for care of cotton and also construction of the projects erected within the limits of realisation of the National Rural Redevelopment Program.

The President of Turkmenistan directed attention of khyakims to issues of wheat harvest, involvement of agricultural machinery, combine harvesters, uninterrupted settlement of accounts with tenants-grain-growers. The head of the state gave them instructions in relation to the proper care of cotton fields.

Having pointed out that the ensuring of terms and quality of civil work carried out within the National Rural Redevelopment Program, is the important requirement of time, the leader of the nation gave khyakims a number of commissions on a strict control over this process.

Summing up the video selector working meeting, the head of the state charged its participants to analyse all made remarks, to draw corresponding conclusions and to adjust effective work in places.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper