The President of Turkmenistan made regular appointments in the Government

Today President GurbangulyBerdymuhamedov signed a number of Decrees to appoint the heads of several ministries and agencies:

TuylievAmanberdiHojamuhammedovich is appointed Minister of Industry of Turkmenistan;

GaylyevNepesAllamyradovich is appointed Minister of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan;

IshangulyevaOgulhajatAmanmyradovna is appointed Chairperson of National Association Turkmenhaly;

AydogdyevMuhammetmyratHojalyevich is appointed Chairman of State Concern Turkmenhimiya;

PashievTanyrgulyGurbangulyevich is appointed Chairman of State Committee for the Fishing Industry of Turkmenistan;

MeredovMyratgeldiResulovich is appointed Chairman of State Concern Turkmennebitgazgurlushyk;

BabayevMaksatMammetsaparovich is appointed Minister of State of Turkmenistan, Chairman of State Concern Turkmengaz.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH