The President of Turkmenistan makes climbing along the Path of Health

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made a climbing along the Path of Health, which runs across picturesque foothills of Kopetdag Mountains, having demonstrated another examples of commitment to the principles of health life style, regular sport and physical training exercises.

Comprehensive care of prosperity of the nation, steadfast improvement of life level, upbringing of youth with wide world outlook are in the rank of important government objectives in Turkmenistan. In this regard, measures for development of mass physical training and sports of high achievements, strengthening of conscious attitude to health in the society are steadily taken.

The Head of the State leads by example in this case inspiring fellow countryman, especially the youth. Turkmen sportsmen, for who all conditions have been made in the country, take active part in international competitions and win prizes. Our country becomes the place of prestige tournament of regional and global significance.

All educational facilities like schools, universities and kindergartens are provided with gyms and sport grounds equipped with necessary sport exercise accessories. Capabilities for doing physical exercises are also provided in residential complex and surrounding territories; sport facilities are mandatory component of social infrastructure of the settlements built in the country.

The Head of the State highlighted at the extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers dedicated to the outcomes of 2019 that Turkmenistan has powerful equipment and facility base of sport sphere, priority of health life style has been announced. It is necessary to develop physical training and sport actively attracting the youth, Turkmen leader highlighted.

The Path of Health running across the Kopetdag foothills has become a favourite place of active rest of Ashgabat citizens and guests of the capital, centre of sport, mass and cultural events.

Grandiose view of Ashgabat, which opens from the mountain slopes, is impressive. Magnificent monuments and original design of the buildings, numerous fountains and parks of the capital make harmonic image of the city, which looks like a beautiful flower of white marble. Implementation of urban construction programme is carried out on systematic base. In the result, the city is renovated and modernized, growth up and asides expanding its borders and being supplemented with modern comfortable living, administrative buildings and other facilities.

Special attention is paid to environment protection issues in our country. ecological agenda occupies important place in the strategy of sustainable development of Turkmenistan, which makes deserved contribution to global efforts in response to such time threats as climate change.

Mass planting of tress in all regions has become a good tradition in the country. such campaigns are carried out regularly in the outskirts of the capital including in the mountain foothills where manmade forests are already growing.

Along his way on the Path of Health, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov inspected the development of surrounding territory and expressed interest in care of green zones created in this part, conditions for comfort rest of the residents and guests of Ashgabat.

Havign finished climbing along the Path of Health, turkmen leader left the place of event.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH