The President of Turkmenistan makes test drive in Karakum Desert

Following his habit, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov dedicated his day off to the sports and had a training on new racing vehicle, having tested its technical characteristics in natural desert conditions. During test drive in the Karakums, the Head of the State covered considerable distance with complex landscape.

Not much time left until the start of International rally Amul � Hazar 2018 initiated by the Head of the State. These competitions will give new impulse to the development of the motorsport in our country. The proposal of the Head of the State on this big international competition in Karakum Desert raised great interest of professional racers from many countries including the participants of the famous rally raids. Active training of Turkmen crews, which will take part in the race together with titled foreign sportsmen, are carried out these days.

As is known, the President of the country has launched mass cycling race and fields and track cross along Amul � Hazar 2018 rally route while on working trip in Lebap Velayat in February this year. It was the beginning of the preparation to the competitions and it is picking up every day, having involved all regions of the country, through which the race runs. Our country already has significant experience in organization of international competitions and coming rally will be another step toward the assertion of the status of Turkmenistan as sport country.

In May this year, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in qualification leg of Amul � Hazar 2018 rally among Turkmen teams and blessed our sportsmen. National team has been formed up by the results of those races. It will have to compete for the winner title.

Foreign participants and journalists highlighting the competitions, fans and lovers of such captivating shows will be able to see rich nature of Turkmenistan, its picturesque places, cultural and historical heritage. Undoubtedly, Amul � Hazar 2018 rally will be remembered for a long time by numerous guests and will be another input of the country to the assertion of the sports as a messenger of peace and friendship.

Early Sunday morning, the President of Turkmenistan had a test drive of new sport vehicle in one of the most beautiful place of the Karakum Desert, having made relevant inspection and preparation of the car.

The Head of the State says that races in the desert require maximum concentration and attention paid to the road and surrounding landscape while keeping proper speed. This is the main condition for the provision of safety while driving in hard conditions.

According to the idea of the Leader of the Nation, coming motorsport races in our country have the status of eco-rally-raid. 'Green' image of the competitions will be supported by special requirements to the equipment and fuel, which has to meet ecological standards also. Issues of natural protection, reduction of anthropogenic impact on environment are always under the attention of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and are mandatory component of all industrial projects realized in Turkmenistan including those that related to the formation and operation of transport and transit corridors.

Compliance with ecological standards is also an important component of successful social policy of Turkmen leader with the development of mass physical training and sport movement, sports and bring of Turkmen sport school to international level as one of the most important directions.

This year, which is held in the country under slogan Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road, is marked with numerous sport event reflecting multidimensional potential of our independent neutral state in international arena. The organization of Amul � Hazar 2018 rally symbolizes active promotion of transport initiatives of Turkmen leader, projects of regional and global significance aimed at the rapprochement of the states and nations, expansion of trade, economic and humanitarian contacts and universal progress.

Off-road vehicle driven by the Head of the State was going around the obstacles without reducing the speed and leaving behind the ups and downs, numerous lumps and trenches.

Original nature of Karakum Desert is very severe and sometime has very unpredictable character. Every sportsman has to be ready to meet the demonstration of such character and to cover hardly accessible and complicated parts appearing on the route. This is the complexity of the track that is stipulates an adventurous spirit of Amul � Hazar 2018 rally and attracts the interest of foreign racers.

Using defensive driving techniques, the Head of the State has tried all capabilities of sport vehicle testing its power and manoeuvrability.

Owing to the President of Turkmenistan, the motorsport received new development and gained many supporters in our country as well as modern equipment and facilities base. This is another evidence that being the supporter of healthy life style and regularly going in for various sports, the Head of the State puts all efforts for creation of conditions for more people would be able to in for sport movement finding the most interesting sports according to their abilities.

Having completed the training run, the Head of the State stopped the vehicle in designated place.

Having noted the great importance of flora in desert, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the necessity of careful attitude to the vegetation of Karakum Desert as important part of its ecosystem.

Having left the vehicle, the Head of the State enjoyed the surrounding landscape, which is very beautiful in its manner in different seasons. There is some special charm in Karakum Desert before the autumn falls.

Having highlighted the necessity of scientific study of the features of local flora, the Head of the State said that protection of its species stipulates the support of the ecology in the desert. It has many species of medicinal herbs. They were reflected in fundamental scientific work of Head of the State, Academic of the Academy of Science of the country, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Medicinal Plants of Turkmenistan.

In the last few years, Turkmenistan has turned into the centre of international competitions in various sports. Our country is rich with historical and cultural attractions and while being located along the Silk Road, has all necessary conditions and capabilities for this.

The Government support of the organization of International rally Amul � Hazar 2018 is another evidence that as a messenger of peace and friendship, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov makes important initiatives in sport diplomacy aimed at the rapprochement of the nations, improvement of peace and general wealth.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper