The President of Turkmenistan ordered to send liquefied gas to Uzbekistan free of charge

Turkmenistan will send a batch of liquefied gas to Uzbekistan to support the neighboring country, which experiences a shortage of fuel resources in the winter.

The order to this effect was signed last Friday by the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov. The document instructs the State Concern «Turkmengas» to transfer the corresponding volume of liquefied gas to Uzbekistan free of charge as a friendly gesture and fraternal assistance to the neighboring country.

This Decree of the head of state was adopted in order to further strengthen good neighborly relations of friendship and brotherhood between Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan and provide friendly and fraternal support to the residents of the neighboring country.

This year, the winter in Central Asia turned out to be abnormally cold, as a result of which Uzbekistan is experiencing a shortage of fuel resources. In this regard, Uzbekistan temporarily suspended gas exports to China and was forced to limit the operation of its filling stations in some areas, some of which are designed to fill cars with liquefied gas.

Source: Nebit-Gaz