The President of Turkmenistan participates in the events timed to 30 days until the beginning of V Asian Games

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in public ecological action the Day without Automobile Transport as well as in the opening ceremonies of public facilities.

The events on occasion of 30 days until the beginning of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games was started by cycling race, which brought together thousands of compatriots � the residents of the capital and regions.

Early in the morning, the President of the country arrived in one of the most beautiful place of the capital in Kopetdag foothills. There, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was welcomed by the Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, leaders of military and law enforcement agencies and the Hyakim of Ashgabat.

Participation of the Head of Turkmenistan highlights the importance of the events. Being an initiator of large mass public physical training and health improving actions including cycling races, the President of the country makes bright personal example involving the youth. Such sports festivals motivate the participants for systematic training and promote the popularization of such ecological friendly transport as bicycle. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave start to the race. The column led by the Head of the State proceeded from the starting point of the Path of Health along Archabyl Shayoly Ankara Street route.

The Head of the State came in to the place of events on occasion of the opening of modern living houses for oil and gas complex personnel.

Ashgabat is the city that visually reflects the present and the future of our independent neutral Motherland. The city, buried in verdure of parks, shining with golden domes of palaces and silver streams of numerous fountains impresses with original architecture of modern high-rise buildings, many of which are listed in the Guinness World Record Book.

New white-marble buildings erected along Ankara Street harmonically merged into architectural ensemble of Ashgabat.

Leaders of the ministries and departments, non-governmental organizations, mass media and numerous city residents have gathered there on occasion of the event. Everyone enthusiastically greeted the President of Turkmenistan, who arrived by bicycle to the place of event.

The Head of the State went to the territory of new complex under loud applauses of the participants. Total cost of the project implemented for the account of oil and gas complex and private financing is more than 220 347 000 manats.

Thus, two 12-store 72-apartment living houses with underground parking and Health House equipped with modern medical hardware were built by the order of fuel and gas complex. Each of high-rise building has large comfortable apartments with improvised planning. There are 8 194.44 sq. m. three-room apartments, 44 248.05 sq.m. four-room apartments as well as 92 275.35 five-room apartments. Just like in other similar houses, new buildings has optimum conditions for the tenants. The apartments are provided with modern house-hold equipment, kitchens and bathrooms.

Invited by Topayevs family who received three-room apartment in one of beautiful building, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has paid a visit to happy new tenants and met them closer.

The head of the family Murad Orazmamedovich works in Ahal Hydro Geoligical Expedition. His wife Valentina Fyodorovna is an employee of the Sientific and Research Institute of Natural Gas. The Torayevs have two adult children. The son is a system administrator and daughter is an engineer. They also have a grand children who study in initial school.

Having congratulated the hosts with receiving of new apartment and current festival, the President of Turkmenistan gave them presents and wished happy life in new house, family prosperity, health and success.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov went to the Health House built on Ankara Street and designed for service of 40000 people.

Music and song contest and dance bands of the State Medical University made performance on the square in front of three-store new building.

Girls in national dress present bunches of flowers to the President of Turkmenistan at the entrance of the Health House.

Having entered the building, the Head of the State familiarized with the work of this medical facility, working conditions of personnel and patients reception.

The Health House includes family medicine, diagnostics, women consultation, stomatology, surgery, physiotherapy, health improvement physical training departments as well as specialized medicine cabinets, laboratory and in-patient clinic with comfortable rooms. The work of medical personnel is broken in two shifts where each shift is able to receive up to 600 patients.

During the familiarization, Turkmen leader visited X-ray room on the ground floor where the specialists explained in details on technical features of the installed equipment.

Diagnostic department is equipped with all necessary for high-level of electrical cardiography, echocardiography, internal organs ultrasound, bone densitometry ultrasound, electroencephalography, bronchoscopy, computer rheovasography, spirography, ultrasound tomography, laboratory analyses and other. X-ray apparatus, mammographers and ultrasound complexes were presented by famous Germany Company Siemens, fibrogastroscope by Storz and Olympus, laboratory equipment by Human.

The specialists of family medicine department have the equipment from the leading world's manufacturers of medical hardware. These are portable Doppler for initial medical inspection, mobile ultrasound apparatus, dermatoscope, dynamometer, otoscope, ophthalmoscope, glucometer and other.

Propaganda and informative actions on assertion of healthy life style principles, prevention of diseases and other among the population are another main objective of the personnel of this department.

The work of women consultation is organized in accordance with the programme Safe Maternity and aimed at successful birth of healthy children and protection of mother's health. Surgery department consists of small operational interference cabinets and large attention is paid there to aseptic and antiseptic for successful treatment.

Dental department is equipped by the full set of relevant medical and x-ray hardware from German manufacture Sirona. Besides, the ophthalmologist, neuropathologist, endocrinologist, oncologist, cardiologist, paediatrician, immunologist, infectious diseases specialist will be working in the clinic. Together with specialized doctors, there are also hearing specialist, dermatovenereologist, allergist, speech therapist, urologist, traumatologist and reproductologist. Acupuncture, oral rehydration, herbal therapy, massage, aquatherapy and pelotherapy wil be available for the patients.

Physiotherapy department has various equipment of large spectrum meeting all modern requirements and allowing solving the main objective of painless and medicine free treatment of the human. The equipment from Beko and Physiomed is installed there.

According to the clinic's concept, its objectives include not only treatment, preventative and rehabilitation functions but also educational and scientific research processes. This will be one of the base grounds for family medicine department of the State Medical University, training and improvement of knowledge of family doctors. The Health House has herbal tearoom, library, canteen and pharmacy. Security video surveillance system operates there. Adjoining territory has car parking with service facility and cafeteria.

Having accomplished the inspection and handed over the key from new ambulance vehicle, the Head of the State wished success in their responsible work to the personnel of the Health House.

After, the President went by bicycle to new Public Services House where he familiarized himself with the work of the team for provision of professional services to the population.

The greatest thing about the Public services house is that all work, tailoring, repair, service and trade shops are in the same building and provided with first-class equipment and hardware allowing timely and quality fulfilment of the clients' orders.

Ground floor has large banquet hall for 300 people with the partitions, which allows making two different events at the same time. The first floor has administration offices, tailoring shop, shops and services. The second floor has canteen for 200 seats, cafeteria, billiard room and children playground. New Public Services House became very good present for the tenants of nearby houses on the threshold of Ashgabat 2017 Games.

Having went up to the first floor, the President visited tailoring shop and talked to its personnel, having expressed the interest in their opinion of working condition.

During the familiarization with the conditions of the Service House, the Head of the State inspected the exhibition of the items of local workshop made by skilful masters and embroiderers. Each model are exclusive and has expressive and image bearing language developed for the centuries of Turkmen culture, which has new meaning today.

After, the Head of the State went on bicycle to administration building of the Centre of Non-governmental Organizations of Turkmenistan located on one of themain capital avenues Garashsyzlyk Shayoly.

Heads of the ministries and departments, representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass media, honoured elders and youth, numerous Ashgabat citizens and the guests of the capital have gathered there.

Speaking to the participants, the Head of the State congratulated everyone with remarkable event starting one month prior the beginning of V Asian Games � the opening of the Centre of Non-Governmental Organizations of Turkmenistan.

The President highlighted that unity and solidarity of the nation is unshakable foundation of Turkmen society and guarantee of all successes and victories. Our spiritually rich nation has a great future. Following their primordial traditions improved for thousands of years, we steadily go forward along the chosen creative way of the independence.

Successfully implementing large-scale governmental programmes and projects, which provide high level of life of the people, we achieve high success in the development of sovereign neutral Turkmenistan consolidating its authority in the world, - the Head of the State has mentioned.

Further, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that home and foreign policy of Turkmenistan is aimed at provision of peaceful, happy and prosperous life of its citizens.

The President of Turkmenistan expressed firm confidence that the Centre of Non-Governmental Organizations would successfully solve of responsible and important tasks for the country and political and non-governmental organizations would continue working productively for future prosperity of the Motherland, happy and prosperous life of the compatriots.

Having stressed the attention that V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games are to start in one-month time, the Head of the State noted that current events, organized on the threshold of large sports festival, would be added in the history of the country forever.

Having invited the participants to attend the events in the Olympic village on the same evening, which include the exposition of various breeds of melons dedicated to the Melon Day, exhibition of national cuisines of V Asian Games countries and gala concert of arts masters, the President congratulated again everyone on the opening of the Centre of Non-governmental Organizations of Turkmenistan.

At the end of the speech, the Head of the State wished large success in the activity to political and non-governmental organizations.

The culmination came and under the storm of applauses of the participants, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov cut symbolic ribbon and opened the Centre of Non-governmental Organizations of Turkmenistan. The cloud of coloured air balloons raised to the sky in that moment.

Having entered the building, the Head of the State familiarized himself with its planning and working conditions. Six non-governmental organizations of the country will have offices there. These are Democratic and Agrarian Parties, National Trade Union Centre, Women Association, Magtumguly Youth Organization and Turkmenistan Peace Fund.

The building has offices with modern computers and relevant office equipment and comfortable furniture. There are several conference halls, five for 20 seat, two for 130 seats and one for 60 seats, for round-table meetings, forums and other events. There is another large conference hall for 500 seats on the first floor. The second floor has library with large book collection presenting all outstanding works of the President of Turkmenistan. The works of local visual arts masters, elements f traditional national and modern decor were used in finishing of the interiors.

Well-planned adjoining territory has shaded car parking. The basement has covered parking as well as archive and storerooms.

The Head of the State went to large conference hall where he was enthusiastically greeted by the participants of the ceremony. The leaders of non-governmental originations asked the President of Turkmenistan to open first joint session held in new building.

Addressing the participants, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that today, neutral Turkmenistan has unlimited economic capabilities for provision of happy and prosperous life of the people.

That is why we set specific objectives for near future. The President noted that today, all conditions for successful integration of our country to international economic space are made. 26 relative programmes aimed at the development of national economy are under implementation. Large work for establishment of string infrastructure in energy sector, transit and transport sphere and in production industries was carried out. Highly qualified specialists knowing modern technologies and able to manage innovative economy were trained in the country.

Large reserves of material resources, favourable geopolitical and geoeconomic conditions serve as reliable foundation in achievement of new successes in social and economic development of Turkmenistan.

As is known, the President of Turkmenistan continued, non-governmental organizations plays an important role in social and political life of the country, progressive democratic changes in the state and society. The members of these organizations perform wide educational work for explanation of the essence and the main purposes of fundamental reforms and comprehensice transformation programmes expanded in the country. They play an important role in consolidation of the unity and solidarity of Turkmen citizens, patriotic upbringing of the youth and implementation of creative potential of the nation.

That is why, the Head of Turkmenistan has said, we have to send all energy of our society to achievement of the set targets, decisively reach new levels of social and economic development of the country, systematically improve its international authority and consolidate the foundation of democratic, temporal and legal state.

Having expressed the confidence that non-governmental organizations would continue taking maximum efforts for further prosperity of the Motherland, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov again warmly congratulated everybody on the opening of the Centre.

Having made memorable entry at the end of the first joint session, the President of Turkmenistan wished all the participants large success in their work.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper