The President of Turkmenistan receive certificates for the plant for production of gasoline from natural gas in Ahal Velayat

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov received the Head of famous Danish company Haldor Topsoe, Mr Bjorn Stephan Clausen.

Having expressed gratitude to the Head of the State for spared time, the guest congratulated the President and all Turkmen people with coming New Year 2020. Bjorn Stephan Clausen noted that Turkmenistan has achieved grandiose success in all spheres including fuel and energy complex.

Having given high appraisal to progressive changes in petroleum sphere, the Head of Danish company highlighted that having colossal natural reserves, Turkmen state led by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has high authority in the world as a big producer of energy resources.

Mr Clausen expressed gratitude to President of Turkmenistan for support as well as for the opportunity to take part in implementation of major investment projects aimed at development of fuel and energy complex.

Having noted unique features of super modern industrial complex in Ahal Velayat, the first plant in the world, which produce eco-friendly synthetic motor fuel from natural gas, the guest highlighted that this was indeed a bold decision in development of oil and gas industry in Turkmenistan.

In this regard, Mr. Bjorn Stephan Clausen handed over international certificates proving an innovative character of production at this plant to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

Thus, Energy Industry Federation of the Kingdom of Denmark has noted high level of ecological standards, which were implemented at the facility, which provide minimum carbon dioxide emission, absence of sulphur and harmful metals as well as strict compliance with the requirements for content of aromatic and olefin hydrocarbons in the product while the Institution of Chemical Engineers of Great Britain (IChemE)- the improvement of TIGAS technologies (production of synthetic gasoline from natural gas).

The certificate of IChemE, which was founded in 1992 as professional institution for chemical engineers and technologists, was awarded to the winner of the world-wide nomination Oil and Gas 2019.

The TIGAS technology was developed by Haldor Topsoe for the plant for production of gasoline from natural gas in Ahal Velayat, which allows producing high-quality gasoline in combination with highly efficient catalysts with less energy consumption and minimum environmental impact.

Having expressed gratitude for good new and documents certifying the world recognition of large-scale works that Turkmenistan carries out in fuel and energy complex, the President highlighted that in the last several years, the strategy of economic development of the country is aimed at diversification of oil and gas sector, expansion of its infrastructure by establishment of modern production facilities.

In this aspect, processing of natural gas and production of new eco-friendly products are the priorities, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted, having noted that specific measures are taken in this direction.

Turkmenistan pays great attention to the environment protection in the context of the climate change and human impact and at the same time, to protection and rational use of natural resources. Our country carries out targeted and systematic work in this direction taking into account international treaties and conventions in this field.

Turkmenistan carries out active work in the context of the fourth industrial revolution, which means the combination of physical, digital and biological technologies in the world.

Practical measures taken in this direction has started influencing political, economic and social system of the country. according to this fact, development of new programme of development of branches of national economy is reviewed as the priority objective.

Taking into account the best world practice, our economic model is implemented in government and national interests as well as under the objectives of regional and global sustainable development. Therefore, independent neutral Turkmenistan manifests itself as reliable and responsible partner in all aspects of cooperation strictly following undertaken international obligations, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted.

At present time, our country actively establishes scientifically based production facilities introducing advanced systems in all branches of national economy and implementing their digitization. Special attention is paid to attraction of foreign investments, implementation of high technologies and management solutions, which allows making conditions for achievement of economic growth, using own labour and material resources in a bigger scale.

Transit to digital economy is one of the main aspects of the government strategy on the modern stage. Practical implementation of plans in this direction starts new stage of industrialization of the country, implementation of market and structural reforms, diversification of processing branches. This is to support the enhancement of the role of Turkmenistan as a big country exporter of various commodities starting from textile to petrochemical production.

At present time, diversification of the fuel and energy complex of the country is ongoing, modern complexes for making of petroleum production, which is on high demand in the world market, are built and put into operation. Petrochemical complex in Kiyanly, Balkan Velayat, gasoline production plant in Ahal Velayat and other are bright examples of it.

These big facilities support to large-scale industrialization of the regions of the country, enhancement of national economy by production of export oriented commodities. Implementing such unique projects, we make necessary conditions for turning of the country into one of the centres of 'green economy', the Head of the State highlighted.

It was mentioned during the meeting that gasoline production plant is the only in the world by many parameters. Natural gas in transformed to liquid fuel in industrial scales at this facility. The GTG project is implemented for the first time in the world in Turkmenistan.

Our country accumulated positive experience in such direction of 2030 Global Agenda as provision universal access to affordable, reliable and modern sources of energy, support of economic growth, industrialization and innovations as well as rational use of natural resources, combating of the climate change and its impacts, protection of biodiversity and other.

Special attention is paid to ecological component during implementation of major investment projects in the country. it is worth mentioning that each of big industrial complexes, which have been put into operation in the last several years, were awarded with international certificates proving their compliance with universal standards of environment protection.

Thus, the GTG plant in Ahal Velayat, which was entered to the Guinness Record Book in the category of the First Plant in the World for Production of Gasoline from Natural Gas, was observed as one of successful projects in ecological aspects.

This modern complex is provided with latest technologies and equipment of the world famous producers from USA, Great Britain, France, Holland, Sweden, Japan, Korea, India and other countries.

It is planned to process 1,785,000,000 cubic meters of gas per year and to produce 600,000 tons of ECO 93 gasoline, which complies with EURO 5 standard, as well as 12,000 tons of diesel fuel and 115,000 tons of liquefied gas.

Use of unique technologies for waste disposal distinguishes this industrial facility as eco-friendly production in the world. In particular, the complex was awarded with the Ecological Compliance Certificate and relative badge of the Environmental Protection Fund of the United States of America.

Realization of this unique project has become an important milestone in development of national economy and on another hand, a real investment to the infrastructure of entire Eurasian region. This is indicated by the award of the Innovative Technology Certificate by the Energy Department of Swiss Federal Technological Institute.

During the meeting, the sides exchanged the opinions on perspectives of bilateral cooperation in the context of realization of the Programme of development of oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan until 2030.

The Head of the State noted that measures aimed at further expansion of production capacities are planned to be taken, which is closely related to provision of energy security of the country, goals of stable economic development in global and regional levels. In its turn, it requires enhancement of efficiency of works at oil and gas fields using advanced technologies.

Having stated the availability of perspective for expansion of cooperation with Turkmenistan, the Head of Haldor Topsoe confirmed the interest of his company in further collaboration.

In this aspect, the subjects related to application of eco-friendly technologies as well as joint scientific works and exchange of specialists have been discussed.

In the end, having exchanged mutual good wishes, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and his guest expressed the confidence in further successful development of beneficial partnership.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency