The President of Turkmenistan takes part in the opening ceremony of new frontier outpost complex

President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the country Army General Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who is currently on working trip in Mary Velayat took part in the opening ceremony of frontier outpost complex of Serhetabat Border Guar Division of State Border Guard Service of Turkmenistan.

Early in the morning, the vehicle of the Head of the State arrived the frontier outpost.

The Supreme Commander was warmly greeted by the top officers of military and law enforcement agencies. The President of turkmensitan received report from Head of the Border Guard Service B. Gundogdiyev.

Having congratulated the participants on the opening of new frontier outpost complex, the Head of the State wished them success in their responsible mission for the provision of the integrity of the Motherland's borders, which are the borders of friendship and brotherhood.

Under the applauses of the participants, the Leader of the Nation cut symbolical ribbon, having open new frontier outpost complex with all conditions for service and combat training.

During his tour around the outpost, the Head of the State visited information centre provided with latest communication devices and specialized equipment.

Special monitor installed in the centre demonstrated the operation of the equipment, which is used for 24 hours protection of the State border on the territory under control of Serhetabat outpost. The equipment allows carrying out video surveillance at the border and has electronic alarm system. Personnel of the outpost has advanced technologies at their disposal that allow responding to any emergency occurring on the part of the State border under their control.

After, the President continued the familiarization with the facilities of new complex. The barracks have all necessary conditions for proper recreation and rest of young warriors and for organization of interesting spare time.

The Head of the State looked around specialized working rooms provided with modern equipment, computers and relative manuals for officers and soldiers.

The territory of the frontier outpost has a stable with all condition for horses. Despite the presence of modern equipment, the horses remain irreplaceable helpers of Turkmen warriors including border guard personnel, especially in the places with difficult terrain.

There are the aviaries as well at the same place. The dogs demonstrate outstanding service both during apprehension of criminals as well as during the search for the substances prohibited to import to our country.

It is worth mentioning that there are sport grounds for volleyball and football and tennis court at the outpost similar to other ones that were built under military reform in the country.

Continuing the inspection of new complex, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov visited the soldiers' mess, which impresses with absolute cleanness and order. The outpost personnel has their own small bakery, which provides fresh bread to the soldiers daily. The Head of the State expressed the interest in small details of the work conditions of the cooks, kitchen equipment as well as in food ratio and menu.

Talking to young soldiers about the service and life of border guard personnel, about grandiose transformations and progressive reforms expanded in the country, the Head of the State focused their attention on important role of the Armed Forces, which are the guarantor of peace in the native land, prosperous life and creative work of Turkmen nation.

Protection of the Motherland is a sacred mission, the Leader of the Nation continued, having noted that responsible service of military staff provides stable development of the country. Border guard personnel has to be on watch in any weather conditions far from home, exemplary does his military duty and be example of bravery for young generation. Therefore, the State always pays special attention to the defenders of the sacred frontiers of the Motherland, the Supreme Commander highlighted.

In the end of the conversation with the soldiers, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov again highlighted the commitment of independent neutral Motherland to the principles of good neighbourhood and said that the State Border of Turkmenistan is the border of peace, friendship and creative cooperation. Serving the sacred duty with honour and loyalty to the Motherland and military oath, you have to be deserved successors of the glorious traditions of your brave and great ancestors who left indelible mark in the world history, the Head of the State said, having expressed the confidence that military personnel would successfully solve their objectives and would be reliable defenders of the borders of sovereign country.

Having expressed the gratitude to the border guard staff, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces wished them success in the service for the defence of the sacred frontiers of native land.

After, the Head of the State continued familiarization with new complex, which has medical facility provided with modern equipment meeting international standards. The facility has all necessary for qualified medical care of the soldiers.

Being active supporter of healthy life style, the President of Turkmenistan pays great attention to the development of sport and physical training, assertion of the principles of healthy life style in the society. National Army, same as any other structures, is provided with all conditions for physical and professional training of the personnel. Military staff has sport grounds and gyms with modern sport equipment and gears.

Living houses with all necessary conditions for life of officers and their families were built on the territory of the outpost. All apartments are furnished and equipped with house hold electronics from the leading companies. Well-planned playground was built for the children. New complex also include autonomous life support systems.

After, frontier outpost personnel demonstrated their weapon and martial art skills, use of service dogs during neutralization of criminals to the Supreme Commander at the training ground.

The Head of the State noted that doing different sports improves not only physical condition but also educate such merits of the individual as willpower and commitment. This is very important for the personnel of military and law enforcement agencies. Systematic physical and sport, theory and combat training would give efficient result, the Head of Turkmenistan said, having addressed the leaders of security forces with specific orders.

Having again cordially congratulated the participants with remarkable event and wished them strong health, prosperity and success in solution of set targets, the Supreme Commander left the place of the event.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency