The President of Turkmenistan visits Ahalteke Equestrian Complex

Following the habit to do sports on Sunday morning, horse riding or jogging, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov arrived in Ahalteke Equestrian Complex early in the morning.

This equestrian centre is an evidence of tender love and care given to the horses in Turkmenistan. Big work for protection of the pedigree of the horses, improvement of their exterior and increase of elite livestock is carried out there.

Ahalteke horse are famous not only by records in different equestrian sports including the Olympic Games but also awarded as the most beautiful ones during international exhibitions. By the initiative of the Head of the State, equestrian sports � show jumping was included to the programme of Ashgabat 2017 Games.

As it was previously informed, a foal, named Ruhubelent by the President of Turkmenistan, was born in this equestrian complex in the beginning of February. Today, the foal is almost seven months old, it grew significantly and feels great.

In near future, Ruhubelent foal will take deserving place in national horse breeding and make his contribution in continuation of the pedigree line of his famous ancestors.

Having visited his favourite pets of the equestrian complex, the Head of the State made a ride on Gujurly horse. Leisurely riding the horse, the Head of the State looked around local nature.

Recently, the territory of Ahalteke Equestrian Complex turned into paradise. Green plantations are live indicators of ecological welfare. Artificial woodland belts pleasing the eyes improve the climate and supports air purification making favourable conditions for people life and protection of their health.

Turkmenistan pays utmost attention to environment protection. The country carries out big work in natural protection, rational use of water, land and biological resources, keeping of biological diversity and natural landscapes.

Going back to Ahalteke horses, it is worth mentioning that breeding of the horses was made in harmony with nature and Turkmens have been skilfully improving the breed combining centuries-old national selection with natural features of the horses.

Stable interest to revival of stud farms, scientific and training base of this branch, equestrian clubs is observed around the world and in this aspect, the traditions of Turkmen horse breeding, which efficiency is proven by the centuries, and national training school attract interested attention of the professionals.

Currently, our country does big work for the development of horse breeding, increase of the livestock of horses and further spreading of the world's fame. Under personal participation and the initiative of the head of the State, Turkmenistan turned to the centre of different level events of this sphere. Large international organizations involved in ahalteke horse breeding, famous stud farmers and specialists of this field come to the home place of the glorious horses to adopt the methods of breeding.

Owing to targeted measures, our country undertakes large-scale work for stimulation and development of equestrian sports and formation of relative modern infrastructure.

Development of mass public physical training and health-improving movement and sports of high achievements is the most important component of the State policy, the sphere of integration of national interests and the interests of each citizen. Being the Chairman of National Olympic Committee, the President of Turkmenistan was conferred with the highest award of the Asian Olympic Committee � the Order of Honour for huge contribution to the development of sports in the country.

The Sports is an embodiment of power, beauty, health and commitment and that is why the sports including equestrian one gains more and more followers in modern Turkmenistan.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper