The private structures are involved in the agricultural production

An active part in the cotton harvesting this year along with the daykhan associations will take the private structures in the north of our country. the consequential stimulating and support provided by the state attract them in the agrarian sector of production.

Thus, in S. Turkmenbashy etrap, being the largest in the region producer of raw cotton, the Daykhan farm “Alkys alan gallaçy” has grown valuable crop on 400 hectares. The Economic Society “Ykbal açary” also is planning to harvest the heavy crop of the raw cotton within a reasonable period from two hundred hectares.

In S.A. Niyazov etrap, the Daykhan farm “Mähirli bakys”, well-known producer of medium staple species of cotton, is located in gengeshlik named after J.?udaybergenov, which intends to stock up over one thousand one hundred ton of valuable raw material. The Daykhan farm of Akmurat Atayev also is going to harvest the heavy crop of “white gold” from 250 hectares; its plantations are located in “Satlyk” gengeshlik.

The daykhan association “Umytly daýhan” of Gubadag strap is involved in production of the raw cotton, its cotton fields are located in “Ýaslyk” gengeshlik.

Apart from such large business structures involved in the cotton production, gradually increases number of private and legal entities in Dashoguz velayat, which grow the crop plant, included in the government order, on land plots assigned to use for 99 years from the special land resources of agricultural designation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper