The Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation discussed the war in Ukraine in Ashgabat. The press services of the departments of Turkmenistan did not report on the visit

On July 27, Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov paid a working visit to Ashgabat, the press service of the department reports.

At a meeting with his Turkmen counterpart Serdar Myalikgulyev , he noted that "relations between the two countries are on the rise in general , which was confirmed by the presidents of Russia and Turkmenistan at a meeting last month in Ashgabat."

“Today, many countries are facing similar cross-border challenges – cybercrime, new forms of drug trafficking, the spread of terrorist and extremist ideology, especially among the youth, and many others. It is possible to effectively resist them only through joint efforts,” Igor Krasnov emphasized, and as chairman of the Coordinating Council of Prosecutors General of the CIS countries, he invited his colleague to join this international format.

The Russian official recalled that these days a five-sided meeting is being held in Astrakhan with the participation of employees of the prosecutor's office of Turkmenistan, at which issues of combating offenses in the waters of the Caspian Sea are discussed .

The Prosecutor General of Russia called this area one of the promising areas of cooperation and proposed holding such events annually, in turn in each of the five Caspian states.

Krasnov devoted a significant part of the meeting to the war in Ukraine. “Many foreign prosecutorial services, especially in European countries, not only did not react to what was happening for a long time, but also succumbed to frenzied Russophobia, breaking professional ties that had been formed for decades,” the official said and thanked the Prosecutor General of Turkmenistan for demonstrating commitment to the principles of developing equal partnerships between departments two countries .

At the end of the meeting, the Russian Prosecutor General proposed to conclude a cooperation program or a plan of joint activities for several years.

The press service does not cite the statements of the prosecutor of Turkmenistan.

Then Igor Krasnov met with the Minister of Defense, Secretary of the State Security Council of Turkmenistan Begench Gundogdyev .

Krasnov clarified that he wants to discuss issues of protecting the Caspian Sea, the fight against illegal drug trafficking, international extremism and terrorism, as well as "actual threats to all CIS countries that are associated with the events in Ukraine."

He said that at a meeting of the coordinating council of CIS prosecutors general held in Minsk last month, he raised his colleagues' concerns about the uncontrolled circulation of weapons on the territory of Ukraine, their smuggling and open trade on the black market.

“This poses serious threats to our countries and requires joint coordinated action,” said the Russian Prosecutor General.

The press service also does not quote the Turkmen minister.

The state information agency TDH, as well as the press services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Prosecutor General 's Office of Turkmenistan, did not report on the meetings. It should be noted that the Turkmen government agencies practically do not mention the conflicts taking place in their neighbors, or avoid direct formulations. For example, on April 26, the country's Foreign Ministry announced that Turkmenistan would send humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people, but did not name the reasons for sending the cargo.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan