The prosecutor’s office conducted an investigation about the roads. Berdimuhamedov is dissatisfied with their construction

On January 24, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a working meeting. In its first part, the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the agro-industrial complex and heads of regions reported on the ongoing agricultural work in the velayats .

The second part discussed the construction of roads in Turkmenistan. Mayor of Ashgabat Rakhym Gandymov , Deputy Prime Minister Charymyrat Purchekov, who oversees the construction, industrial and energy complex, and Prosecutor General Batyr Atdaev , reported on this work, the state information agency TDH reports .

After the report of the khyakim of the capital, the head of state noted that the work on the development of the capital and the construction of social facilities are not being carried out at the proper level and slowly . The President expressed dissatisfaction with their conduct and demanded that the mayor organize the work in accordance with the requirements.

Then Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov recalled that in Turkmenistan, the material and technical base for road construction, special equipment was transferred to the jurisdiction of the hyakimliks, but, despite this, the level of road construction work has decreased. In this regard, the Prosecutor General reported on the results of the investigations .

According to him, in connection with the transfer of road construction equipment to the jurisdiction of khyakimliks, the level of road construction work throughout the country has noticeably decreased, the relevant equipment is not used at full capacity, and there is a shortage of spare parts. This has a negative impact on the proper maintenance of roads in the country and the construction of new ones, writes TDH.

The head of state noted that such an organization of affairs is unacceptable and instructed to continue checking in this direction, TDH notes.

Then Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, following the results of working trips to the velayats, noted that “the National Rural Program is not being implemented at the proper level in the regions, the pace of construction of roads and social and cultural facilities does not meet the requirements of today.”

“Despite the support of the state, the level of work in the field of road transport infrastructure in various regions, including the capital, remains low, there is an irresponsible attitude towards the issue of increasing the pace of road construction, the quality of work is noticeably declining. These facts indicate that the khyakims of the velayats and the city of Ashgabat did not properly organize the work,” the President emphasized and expressed dissatisfaction with their activities.

The head of state strictly demanded that the khyakims of the velayats and the city of Ashgabat organize work in the field of road transport infrastructure and strengthen control in this direction.

Addressing Deputy Prime Minister Purchekov, Berdimuhamedov instructed, together with the economic bloc, to prepare proposals for speeding up and improving road construction work.

The President voiced the main requirement , which is that schools, kindergartens, hospitals, health centers, sports schools and facilities, houses of culture, as well as highways being built in the regions, be of high quality and be put into operation on schedule.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan