The results of the by-election to the Parliament of Turkmenistan

A meeting of the Central Commission for the conduct of elections and referendums in Turkmenistan was held, at which the final results of the elections of deputies of the Mejlis in three constituencies instead of those who left were summed up.

73 thousand 106 people living in these districts took part in the elections, which accounted for 91.12 percent of the total number of voters on the list.

Instead of departed, deputies elected: Gurbangul Atayev in electoral district No. 54 of Dashoguz velayat (region), Ata Serdarov in electoral district No. 106 of Mary velayat, and Mekan Gurbanov in electoral district No. 109 of Mary velayat.

At the meeting of the Central Election Commission elected deputies of the national parliament handed certificates.