The results of the visit of the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry delegation to the United States

On May 17-24, Deputy Foreign Minister of Azerbaijan Elnur Mammadov visited the United States. He held a number of meetings with members of Congress and the Senate, informing them about the post-conflict period and the progress of reconstruction work in the liberated territories. Mammadov pointed to the "misinformation by radical Armenian organizations" of members of Congress about the creation of the Lachin border checkpoint on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border.

The nomination of resolutions on this issue by some members of Congress does not serve the national interests of the United States, but harm the ongoing peace negotiations.

During the talks between the State Department and the Pentagon, Mammadov discussed the development of bilateral ties in the field of defense, military training and education, as well as prospects for cooperation between Azerbaijan and the United States in the field of defense, including regional and global terrorism, the Foreign Ministry said.

Then Mammadov took part in round tables at leading think tanks: the Atlantic Council, the Heritage Foundation, the Carnegie International Foundation, the US Institute of Peace, the USMC Graduate School, the Washington Institute for the Middle East and the Hudson Institute.

During the visit, the delegation also met with the leadership of the American-Israeli Public Relations Committee.

Source: Turan News Agency