The results of the work of the fuel and energy complex for 2022 were summed up at a meeting of the government of Turkmenistan

Last Friday, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov held an expanded meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, at which the results of the development of the country's economy for 2022 were summed up, personnel decisions were made and promising tasks for the socio-economic development of our state for the current year were made.

Speaking, Vice-Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers Shakhym Abdrakhmanov reported on the results of the work of the supervised industry for 2022, on the technical and economic indicators achieved in the field of oil and gas condensate production.

As reported, during the period under review, the plan for oil refining by the Turkmenbashi complex of oil refineries was fulfilled at the level of 108.1 percent, for the production of gasoline – at the level of 114 percent, diesel fuel – at the level of 109.4 percent, oil bitumen – at the level of 150.3 percent, polypropylene – at the level of 116.5 percent, lubricating oils – at the level of 106 percent, liquefied gas – at the level of 105.1 percent.

Information was also provided on the implementation of the plan for the extraction of natural and associated gas at the level of 112.7 percent, for the export of «blue fuel» - at the level of 122.8 percent, for the development of investments – at the level of 105.5 percent.

After listening to the report, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov dismissed Sh. Abdrakhmanov from his post due to transfer to another job.

Source: Nebit-Gaz