The right of single mothers to obtain accommodation in Turkmenistan

We continue to receive questions from our readers which are related to legal problems faced by residents. Below is the response from Turkmenistan's Association of Independent Lawyers.

Pursuant to article 68, part 7 of Turkmenistan's Housing Code, accommodation from the state housing fund is provided primarily to those categories of registered citizens which need to have their housing conditions improved, including: mothers who are awarded the Honorary Title Ene myakhri of Turkmenistan, families raising four and more children, and single mothers.

Thus, single mothers have a priority right to be provided with accommodation from the state housing fund according to the law. At the same time, they can exercise this right only if they are registered as those who need to improve their housing conditions. This means that a single mother should be registered in the list of those in need of accommodation. To exercise their right to obtain accommodation, those falling under the category in question need to assemble a package of documents and submit it along with the relevant application to the housing commission in the local administration at their place of residence.

Article 66 part 1,2 of Turkmenistan's Housing Code runs that the residents who are entitled to be provided with accommodation from the state-owned residential property are registered at their place of residence in etraps, towns with the rights of etraps, towns in etraps, villages and gengeshliks by local executive authorities Gengesh. The list and format of the documents required for registration are established by Turkmenistan's laws and regulations. The requirement of any other supplementary documents is prohibited.

A package of these documents includes:


Certificate proving the status of single mother,

A child's birth certificate,

Income statement of all family members and the value of taxable property,

Registration certificate,

Accommodation inspection report.

In some cases, or in order to clarify individual circumstances of a case which is being reviewed, experts of the regional administration are authorized to require additional documents from the applicant.

Thus, the issue of providing a single mother with accommodation is based on the aforementioned set of documents pursuant to which a woman will be officially qualified as low income household and in need of accommodation. To prove this fact, income certificates for all family members residing together with a single mother need to be obtained from the relevant agencies.

Often single mothers have to be on the waiting list of those in need of accommodation for years. Below is some practical advice which can help women to draw up and obtain the required documents:

The documents should be collected as soon as possible, preferably immediately after a child is born. At the same time, a young mother should be very patient to prove that she is entitled to qualify for the aforementioned social status and subsequently for accommodation.

After submitting and registering the application, the applicant should remind the relevant authorities of her case by making a telephone call or by attending in person. This will allow her to be kept abreast of developments to be able to respond promptly to any issues or problems if needed.

Generally, Turkmenistan's legislation envisages the time limit for considering applications from residents entitled to accommodation and registering them and their family members amounts to one month, pursuant to part 3, article 66. Pursuant to the aforementioned article of Turkmenistan's Housing Code, residents will be notified in writing of the decision made in connection with the application.

Below is a sample application:

To: Khyakim of Turkmenbashi etrap, the city of Ashgabat


From: Shemshat Ataeva

Residing at: Turkmenbashi avenue, 45 apartment 7


I kindly ask you to provide me with accommodation from the state-owned housing fund in priority order pursuant to article 68 of Turkmenistan's Housing Code. I am a single mother and have a dependent infant child Maral, born 27 August 2016. Since I am on maternity leave I am not employed and temporarily reside with my relatives at the aforementioned address.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan