The right to inheritance is inextricably linked with the right to property

Twenty-four years ago, a civil code was adopted in Turkmenistan, which made it possible to regulate many legal nuances in matters of citizens' rights.

The improvement of legislation took place simultaneously with the practical solution of emerging issues in civil disputes.

Given these circumstances, in 1992 the country adopted a basic law that allowed jurists and lawyers to move forward in improving local legislation. Some time later, in 1998, the Civil Code was born, which clearly regulates the rights of citizens on topical life problems that concern everyone.

With the adoption in 2012 of the Family Code and in 2015 of the Law “On Notaries and Notarial Activities”, for example, such a provision as the right of inheritance is approved. This was, perhaps, one of the most legally sensitive and difficult to resolve issues in the field of civil relations.

The listed legislative acts specifically spell out who, when and how can enter into the right to inherit property. According to the same laws, acute issues of property law are resolved. For example, article 52 of the Family Code indicates ways to resolve disputes in family relations.

The urgency of the problems of legal regulation is so great that it constantly requires the improvement of the system of law. Such a need arises especially sharply when analyzing a variety of life relationships. Most often, such cases relate to issues of inheritance of the share of one spouse in common property or when concluding inheritance documents.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper