The role of civil society in counteracting of negative occurrences is reviewed during the representative forum

The Mukam Palace of the capital hosted public forum with participation of the Chairperson of the Mejlis, responsible personnel of law enforcement agencies, ministries and departments, mass media, non-governmental organizations, political parties, lecturers of universities, students and public representatives from the velayats.

The agenda included priority directions of the measures against the corruption as well as the role of woman in upbringing of growing generation

Speaking of the main objective of the current forum, the participants mentioned that is was dedicated to the fulfilment of the assignments set by the Head of the State during extended session of the Cabinet of Ministers on May 12. Back then, together with the subjects of improvement of the wellbeing of the people in his speech, the Leader of the Nation touched upon the urgent issues related to such occurrences as corruption and bribery.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov makes special mention that such facts lead the government structures and society to negative outcomes and as the result, the growth of the economy slows down and the development of the state faces serious obstacles

The participants highlighted that economic power, harmony of social relations of sovereign Turkmenistan serves as important guarantee of the achievement of abundance, peace, prosperity and provision of equal opportunities of all citizens.

Owing to big changes in our country under the leadership of the President, the prosperity of the people is steadily increased, all conditions for upbringing of worthy citizens of our country, receiving of modern education as well as for honest work are created.

In her speech, Chairperson of the Mejlis Akja Nurberdiyeva pointed the attention on the key objectives of the society to counteract the corruption in all its demonstrations as well as on the activity of national Parliament in this field. It was mentioned that following the recommendations given by the Head of Turkmenistan during the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on May 12, the analysis of the existing legislation in this sphere is carried out at the moment as well as proposals on relative addendums and amendments are developed. At the same time, the work for development of special State programme for countermeasures against the corruption and bribery is undertaken. The main objective of the programme is to eliminate the causes and condition of the corruption in our society.

The Head of the Parliament also made special stress on the fact that there were women among the people involved in corruption. This circumstance is required more active work of non-governmental organizations, especially the Central Council of Women Union and its structural departments.

Today, favourable conditions are established in our country for every person to be able realizing their talents and abilities and use the outcomes of their honest work. Representatives of elder generations including mothers are wise advisers in harmonic development of the society, consolidation of the unity, solidarity and national integrity, - the Head of National Parliament has said, having noted that life experience of the elders is a school for deserving education of the youngsters.

Amangozel Shaguliyeva, the Hero of Turkmenistan and Head of the Department of Edebiyat ve Sungat newspaper shared her vision of the problem. Prominent cultural worker noted that the fact of woman participation in these crimes excites the disappointment as mother is given a large role in upbringing of the child. Having severely condemned the persons involved in bribery, A. Shaguliyeva noted that honour of the Motherland and people, transparency, hard work, respect of elder generation and other high ethical norms and standards inherent to Turkmen mentality are fundamental principles in upbringing of healthy young generation.

Kasymguly Babayev, the Chairman of the Democratic Party noted that elimination of such occurrences is to promote further political, economic, social and cultural development. It will improve the trust of the people to the State as well as supremacy of law and increase of civic activity. In this regard, the reporter stressed the attention on the necessity of activation of propaganda and explanatory work.

Head of the Scientific Organization and Methodological Department of the Scientific and Clinical Oncology Centre of the Ministry of Public Health and Medical Industry Ovezdurdy Hummedov highlighted that development of public health sphere is one of the priority directions of the policy of the President of Turkmenistan. Having mentioned the achievements and successes of our country in this area, the reporter emphasized integrated approach of the head of the State to solution of current problems.

Having made special mention of large-scale work on countermeasures against the corruption and bribery, O. Hummedov noted the significance of amendments of existing legislative acts on cancellation of pardoning of the persons involved in bribery.

It was mentioned in the speech of the Department Head of Magtumguly Turkmen State University, Professor Atajan Burunov that our people have their traditions of upbringing of young generation. In this context, the professor highlighted the importance of the proposals of the head of the State on introduction of the code of conduct, etiquette and jurisprudence in educational programme of schools and universities. The importance of review of the existing legislation regulating labour education of the youth was also highlighted.

The support of multi aspect policy led by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov aimed at steadfast development of the country, increase of life level and civic maturity of the nation, formation of intellectual, physical fit and morally developed young generation was a leitmotif of the speeches. The necessity of consolidation of non-governmental organizations and political parties, all citizens of the country in solution of urgent issues for elimination of such negative occurrences as bribery and corruption was mentioned.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper