The Russian Embassy in Turkmenistan called fictitious information about the conscription of migrants for military service in Russia

Rumors about conscription for military service in Russia of foreign citizens, including labor migrants from the countries of Central Asia, do not correspond to reality. The embassies of the Russian Federation in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan reported this on their Telegram channels, Fergana reports .


All reports mention a fake order of the Russian Interior Ministry, which is being circulated on the Internet. Referring to it, the attackers write that labor migrants temporarily staying in Russia are subject to partial mobilization. If they refuse to conclude a contract, they allegedly face the annulment of their work permit and deportation.

It should be noted that the same message was published by the Russian Embassy in Turkmenistan on October 4 on its website and Twitter account.


“The Russian Embassy in Turkmenistan draws attention to the fact that the emerging so-called “news” about the conscription of foreign citizens to the Russian Federation, including labor migrants from Central Asian countries (for example, false orders of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs), are fictitious fabrications,” the press notes. embassy service.


In this regard, the embassy calls on foreign citizens in Russia, including citizens of Turkmenistan, not to succumb to various provocations and focus only on official information.


However, a foreigner in Russia can still be surprised by a sudden summons, Ferghana notes, citing 47news, which told the story of 31-year-old Georgy from Kazakhstan, who was handed the summons in St. Petersburg. The man specified that he has a residence permit in Russia, but he is a citizen of Kazakhstan. The military enlistment office later called the incident a mistake. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the republic, commenting on this incident, also wrote it off as a “discrepancy in the bases.”


September 30 Russian President  Vladimir Putin  signed a decree on the simplified admission to Russian citizenship of foreigners who have entered into military service contracts for at least a year and have taken part in hostilities for at least six months. On September 21, he announced a partial mobilization in the country.


On the evening of this day, an emergency meeting of the Security Council of Turkmenistan was held, which discussed measures to be taken after the statement of the President of Russia, including a ban on citizens of Turkmenistan from participating in hostilities in Ukraine as volunteers or mercenaries, a source of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”  reported .




Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan