The share of non-primary products in Turkmen exports continues to grow

Export of Turkmenistan in January-May 2017 compared to the same period in 2016 has increased by 1.3 percent.

According to the State Statistics Committee, the volume of exports (excluding hydrocarbon resources) increased by 2.3 percent. A 3.9 percent increase was recorded for the export of physical volumes of electricity, 57 for wool, 27 for the supply of raw silk, for tanning raw materials, by almost half.

The deliveries of Turkmen textiles increased by 14.6 percent. Including: the increase in exports of cotton fabrics amounted to 163.9 percent, and of finished products - 7.1 percent.

The export of vegetables has doubled.

Import of non-food consumer goods decreased by 22.4 percent during the analyzed period. The largest share in this segment fell on equipment, optical devices, pharmaceutical products.

Turkmenistan in January-May 2017 had foreign trade relations with 97 countries of the world, the main of which are

China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Iran.

Compared with the figures for the first five months of last year, the volume of exports of Turkmen products to Russia (93.8 percent of growth), the United States (28.6 percent), the United Arab Emirates (45.3 percent), Pakistan (137.3 percent) Georgia (77.2 percent), Italy (21 percent), and others, has significantly increased.

The import from the USA and Japan has also considerably grown.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH