The square of A�lem Cultural and Entertainment Centre is the place of New Year celebrations

Turkmenistan citizens met New Year 2018 with big celebrations, having met its arrival as one large family. We saw off the year of 2017 with the gratitude, the Year of Health and Inspiration that brought many bright unforgettable moments including those related with the success of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games.

At the session of the Cabinet of Ministers on December 29, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made short summary of the outcomes of work for the last year, having given reasonable evaluation to it. The Head of the State noted that Turkmenistan, being one of the largest producer of natural gas, has managed to adapt to complicated external conditions and kept the development rates. In addition, the works for the diversification of industrial complex of the country has been activated, large-scale programmes for the increment of the volumes of gas production, construction of new gas lines, development of natural resources and support of non-governmental sector of the economy and entrepreneurship.

As a result of undertaken measures, 6.5 percent growth rate of the GDP is expected in our country.

Our neutral Motherland made and continue making big contribution to the consolidation of peace and sustainable development in the region, creation of atmosphere of good neighbourliness and cooperation. In 2018, which slogan will be Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road, we expect number of big events where the elections to Halk Maslahaty, World Powerlifting Championship and international rally From Amul to Hazar as well as beginning of the construction of Turkmenistan � Afghanistan � Pakistan � India gas line are the most important.

New Year 2018 is the year of dog and the year of Vepaly the alabay for us. The Head of the State noted that it means that this year would be more stable and harmonic for us and would bring prosperity and success in what we do. All roads will be opened for us, unprecedented discoveries will be made and big projects will be realized - the President of Turkmenistan said.

We will have important objectives, which we will start with the enthusiasm and clear vision of the perspectives both on national as well as on regional and international levels.

The square of A�lem Cultural and Entertainment Centre with the Main New Year tree of the country was the place of the celebrations. Decorators and organizers of the event turned the territory around it into fairy tale village wearing shining winter dress with rich decorations of shiny stars and garlands, toys and coloured illumination instead of snow.

The members of the Government, heads of ministries and departments, deputies of National Parliament, heads of diplomatic missions accredited in our country and Turkmenistan ambassadors overseas, numerous Ashgabat residents and the guest of our city gathered at the square in that festive evening. There were music and songs and enthusiastic atmosphere of big joyful celebration and harmony was reigning.

The scene built in front of Cultural and Entertainment Centre demonstrated celebration performance. The master of ceremony addressed congratulations on New Year to President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on behalf of people of Turkmenistan, wishing him happiness, health, longevity and success in the achievement of high targets for the prosperity of the Motherland and wellbeing of native people.

After, the presenter announced the start of teleconferene that connected Turkmen capital with administration centres of the velayats.

The regions were joining the celebration in Ashgabat one by one using teleconference link. At that time, bright New Year performances with the participation of popular singers and art bands that gathered numerous spectators were expanded at the squares of the administration centres of the velayats. The guests included the elders and youth, elder women, rural citizens and children.

Ahal Velayat was the first to connect to the teleconference: congratulations and wishes in versus were followed by celebration concert performance that was prepared for that event.

After, Balkan Velayat joined the teleconference. Having conveyed the congratulations to the compatriots from the resident of seaside region, its representatives demonstrated their artistic performance dedicated to New Year.

After, the baton was taken over by Dashoguz Velayat. Northern region is rich with artistic traditions and talents, what was demonstrated in celebration performance after the congratulations.

The teleconference was continued by representatives of Lebap. They congratulated people and the Head of the State on New Year and the artists dedicated song and dance composition to this event.

The floor was taken by the residents of Mary Velayat. They congratulated people and read the poems; artists and young generation presented celebration performance.

New Year teleconference was finished by the capital - the residents of Ashgabat, who filled entire square in front of A�lem Cultural and Entertainment Centre, wished all the wishes to become true and success in work to their compatriots in all places of the country via the elders and students. They are supported by celebration dedications of popular singers and dance ensembles.

Summing up New Year celebration wishes of the citizens of the velayats and the capital, the presenter highlighted the main idea of all wishes that Turkmenistan always be prosperous, international authority of the country continue growing and people live happy and prosperous life.

Love of our people united around its leader and deep gratitude was expressed on behalf of the compatriots to the President of Turkmenistan for his tireless work and selfless service to the Motherland.

Undoubtedly, the chronicle of our country will be enriched with higher achievements and its international authority will grow up and reach new heights under the leadership of the Head of the State in 2018.

Celebration programme of New Year night was continued by the concert of celebrities, popular singers and recognized musical stage masters. Vocal and choreographic compositions on folk motifs in new interpretation, ancient lyrical and modern flaming songs were performed.

Exiting and culmination moment came � President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov address New Year speech to the people of Turkmenistan live from Oguzkhan Palace Complex.

People who gathered at the square and millions of our compatriots at the TVs listened to the speech of the President with great attention and holding their breath. The feeling of pride for their independent Motherland, for the present and future of native country unites all Turkmenistan citizens in such moments.

Summing up the outcomes of 2017, the Head of the State noted that colossal work has been made for the sake of the country and the nation. Numerous large facilities were built, large reforms in the economy were carried out and health protection, sports, science and education spheres were brought to new level.

Our independent state would continue moving forward following the course of positive neutrality and peace-loving, Turkmen leader said, having outlines the priorities of foreign policy of our neutral state.

The President of Turkmenistan also mentioned in his speech about the work for the development of national culture, protection and popularization of our spiritual heritage, having reminded that recently, kustdepdy singing and dancing art was included to the UNESCO Representative List of non-material cultural heritage of humanity.

Speaking of the slogan of 2018 Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road, the Head of the State mentioned important role of our country in restoration of this Road in the third millennium as well as big input of Turkmenistan to the development and consolidation of political, trade, economic, cultural and humanitarian relations in international arena.

Speaking of coming important events in the next year, the Head of the State said about planned first session of Halk Maslahaty of Turkmenistan where specific directions and targets of further development of our sovereign Motherland would be defined.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov also highlighted that salary wages, pensions and state allowances as well as students scholarships would be increased 10 percent from January 1 for the improvement of life of the population and its social protection. This policy would be continued in the future, the Head of the State assured.

Let 2018 be the year of happiness, prosperity and great success for our sovereign Motherland and native people, the Head of the State said in the end of his speech, having wished good health, family happiness, prosperity and wealth in New Year to all Turkmenistan citizens!

Sincere and firm confidence in the fulfilment of this good wish filled the last seconds left until 2018 with anxious expectation that united the hearts of all people. All eyes were on the arms of watches and finally they came together on 12 c'clock

National anthem of Turkmenistan was played.

Celebration fireworks that lit up the sky above A�lem Cultural and Entertainment Centre with scattering of coloured stars were fired. New Year night were lit up with shining fountains of lights making flaming patterns in dark sky. Turkmenistan citizens made most desired wishes under the sounds of the fireworks, however they were all united by the strive to the light, goodness, creativity and belief to the future that would open new horizons and opportunities.

The year 2018 entered loud and brightly as the Year of dog is supposed to come, under the sounds of fireworks, joyful screams and total exultation. We met New Year with open hearts and good thoughts being ready to fulfil any plans and large-scale ideas under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov!


In the last day before the New Year, fantastic festival filled with light and warmth of elated hearts came to the cities and villages and every corner of our country. Parks and public gardens, squares and streets, open and theatre stages shining with lights and garlands are filled with atmosphere of sincere joy and happiness.

Carnival dances carried happy children and adults around green New Year trees charging everybody with unusual emotions and impressions, wonderful belief that all cherished dreams will come true.

Bright theatre performances, flaming concerts with the participation of stage master, young popular singers, circus artists and art bands were excellent gift to Turkmenistan citizens having improved celebration mood with pleasant surprises and meetings.

Bright shows were held in Ashgabat, indeed fairy city filed with the electrical lights and magnificent New Year installations. Vepaly the alabay, who stepped into New Year from Ashgabat 2017 Games with victory mood together with us, is the main character.

Thousands of Ashgabat residents and guests were the participants and spectators of numerous bright parades along the avenues lit up with illumination and musical performances expanded in cinemas and theatres and public parks of capital.

The square of Turkmenistan State Circus and Ylham Alley, which were transformed into true miracle, are the most attractive places of the capital. Tall fluffy New year trees attract neatly dressed children and their parents by shining lights of toys and living pictures of light installation. Undoubtedly, all the guests were cordially welcomed by traditional hosts of the celebration Ayaz Baba and Garpamyk with funny jokes. They were accompanied by their young assistants dressed in the costumes of fairy tales and other popular characters, with the hero of Ashgabat 2017 Games, joyful and friendly Vepaly, who became the symbol of New Year 2018, among them.

Open amphitheatres decorated with magical ornaments and New Year attributes held the performances of children art bands, popular singers, dance ensembles, theatre and circus artists saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming new.

These wonderful and unforgettable moments of New Year celebration will remain for long time in the memory of adults and children.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan