The staff of the Pushkin Theater is completing work on the play

The author of the play is the great French comedian Jean Baptiste Poquelin, known under the pseudonym Moliere. This is the second work of the famous playwright, stage in Pushkin theatre, the first - "Scrap-Throes" - enjoys constant success among the Ashgabat theater-goers.

Moliere's works - well-known plays "Tartuffe", "Bourgeois in the Nobility", "Don Juan" and others reflecting the mores of that time, thus opening a new direction in European theatrical art. Moliere deliberately exposed the shortcomings of his heroes, seeking to rise above moral laxity, greed, hypocrisy with wit and a sense of humor.

The production-director the Honored Artist of Turkmenistan Ashirmuhammet Rakhmanov tried to bring to the dramatic canvas the characters the shades of our time. Sganarel at Rakhmanov is not just a woodcutter, he is an artist, only this way he can explain the trees painted with female figures. Very impressive park bench at Geront. Sitting on it as if falls into the arms of a woodcutter. One-half of the bench is painted blue, the other - in black. Perhaps the interpretation is as follows: a woodcutter divides people into bad and good. It is not a sin to deceive bad people, he thinks, but it is good to help them... Moliere's favorite theme about doctor-charlatans and ignoramuses lies at the heart of the play. With the main character, there is a curiosity: he is mistaken for an outstanding healer.

Sganarelle organically lives a new role for himself, and at the same time helps the beloved couple to reunite. According to Moliere, the final replica of Sganarelle: "It's not bad to be a well-known physician!", According to Rakhmanova, it sounds differently: "Still, every person should do his own thing!". Thus, the main character puts a fat point on pseudo-healing.

Director Ashirmukhammet Rakhmanov commented his interpretation of the close on in the interview: "Unfortunately, at present a lot of "doctors" do not have medical education and some trusting people use their services. This causes associations with the Moliere story. The main mission of the theater is enlightening, and we strive to focus our art on topics relevant to modern society. "

Kerim Ataev performs the main role in the play. Wrapped in a blue dress with white cuffs, he really looks like a medical worker of the 17th century. Kerim - a versatile actor and was able to create a multi-layered image, giving his hero, a rich gamut of personal manifestations. His hero is interesting to viewers, on the one hand, he is enterprising and cunning, and on the other - a kind and sympathetic person.

Anastasia Balandina brightly embodied the image of Jacqueline, the beauty of which captivates men and incinerates the heart of her husband Luke in the performance of Rakhim Hommadov.

Begench Kakaev - the author of the original musical design - used modern works, emphasizing the director's message. The work of the artist-director Fraga Amangeldyev is impressive, especially the park bench, organically existing in the aesthetics of the play.

No doubt, the audience will appreciate the talent of all those who took part in the production, and Moliere's "Doctor willy-nilly" will take a worthy place in the repertoire of the Pushkin Theater.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper