The stamp on the extension of the passports of Turkmenistan does not provide an opportunity to travel to a third country

Since August 2020, the Turkmen consulates have begun to extend the validity of the passports of citizens of Turkmenistan who find themselves abroad and are unable to return to their homeland due to the closure of borders during the pandemic.

The passport whose validity period is over, put a stamp with the signature of the consul and pasted QR-code, according to which the document will be valid until the end of 2022.

However, according to Turkmen news , such passports are not recognized by third countries. For example, citizens of Turkmenistan who are in Russia cannot obtain a visa to the countries of the European Union. In addition, even with a third-country visa, holders of "extended" passports are not allowed through passport control.

The citizens of Turkmenistan talk about the same problems in Turkmen groups on social networks.

That is, an extension stamp makes it possible to legally stay in the host country, but not travel to others.

The validity period of Turkmen passports is 5 years. The consulates of Turkmenistan are not involved in issuing new passports to citizens living abroad. To obtain new documents, people must return to Turkmenistan.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan