The strategy of the development of Mary Velayat are discussed at the offsite session of the Cabinet of Ministers

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, who is currently on working trip in Mary Velayat, held working session with the participation of the Chairperson of the Mejlis, Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers, leaders of military and law enforcement agencies as well as the hyakims of the velayats.

The subjects of the agenda of coming offsite session of the Cabinet of Ministers as well as utmost objectives for the improvement of the activity of local administration and arrangement of work of halk maslahaty were discussed during the meeting.

The Head of Turkmenistan noted that it is necessary to continue the work on modernization of the branches of national economy, particularly on comprehensive scientific development of industrial sector and consolidation of equipment and facilities base of the branches.

Having noted the importance of legal acts regulating all spheres of national economy, Turkmen leader highlighted the significance of the improvement of work in this direction as well as the explanation the main objectives of the decisions and reformations to the population.

Provision of public order and prevention of crimes are also topical objective, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued, having pointed out that it is necessary to activate joint efforts for their successful fulfilment.

After, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held the offsite session of the Cabinet of Ministers where the implementation of the state programmes aimed at steadfast improvement of the wellbeing of rural residents and further improvement of social and living conditions of the population have been analysed as well as the activity of the hyakims of the velayat, etraps and cities has been evaluated. Current objective of the region's development, priority measures for elimination of existing deficiencies have been outlined during the session as well as organizational and personnel issues have been reviewed.

Having announced the agenda, the Head of the State noted that recently, fundamental reforms are carried out in the country. New villages and settlements appeared, production, social and cultural facilities, thousands of comfortable houses were built.

Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, children health and recreation centres provided with modern equipment have been built in velayats, etraps and the most remote villages. New railway and automobile roads and other important facilities are under rapid construction.

Scientific and educational sphere, culture and art are under development. Ashgabat turned into one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the President highlighted.

Recently, Mary Velayat have been demonstrating good indicators in all direction, the Head of Turkmenistan stated with the delight. Relative decisions were made for comprehensive development of this region, the President of the country continued, having noted that it has resulted in harmonic development of the industry, agriculture, construction, transport and trade. There are achievements in the culture, health protection, scientific and educational sphere. The wellbeing of the population is steadily improved.

According to the Programme of rural areas transformations, large works are carried out in Mary Velayat including the construction of numerous important facilities, living houses, educational institutions, medical and cultural facilities and sport complexes.

The Head of the State noted that 18 hospitals, 25 health centres, 56 kindergartens, 65 schools, 17 cultural centres, 43 sport schools and facilities and more that 1.5 million square meters of housing have been built in the velayat in 2008 � 2017. More than 3200 kilometres of water and treatment systems, 965 kilometres of roads, 2650 kilometres of power lines have been built for the same period.

Four social and cultural facilities including the school, two hospital and cultural centre are currently under construction for the improvement of social and living conditions of rural residents according to the above-mentioned programme. The construction of combined gas turbine 1574 MWt power station is continued, 214-kilometer section of Turkmenistan � Afghanistan � Pakistan � India gas line is laid on the territory of the velayat together with the construction of supporting facilities along its route.

However, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov continued, there are the deficiencies in the work for the development of the region, particularly in agricultural branch. Despite, the conditions created by the State, the contractual obligations on crops production have not been complied with in Mary Velayat this year. Three etraps of the region did not fulfil the plan for production of cotton until now.

Picking of remained cotton on the fields is not carried out on proper level, Turkmen leader highlighted, having stated also that the harvesting of beetroot does not meet the requirements. This indicates low level of organizational work in the velayat, the Head of the State said.

The backlog of the fulfilment of the objectives of the Programme for transformation of rural areas was also mentioned among the deficiencies. The population of the velayat is not comprehensively supplied with drinking water, gas and electricity lines were not laid to the given land plots. The construction and repair of the bridges in etraps and rural areas is not carried out on proper level.

Relative Resolution on construction of eight hothouses was adopted for uninterrupted supply of the population with fresh fruits and vegetables around the year. As for today, only three of them have been built, Turkmen leader noted.

In this regard, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted that the leaders of related ministries and departments are directly accountable for existing deficiencies. Lack of close cooperation with the administrations on the velayat, cities and etraps were the cause of such mismanagement.

The floor was given to Chairman of Supreme Control Chamber Ch. Gylyjov who made report on the outcomes of the inspections of the cotton harvest campaign in the regions including in Mary Velayat. It was informed that there are still plenty of cotton remained in the fields of the country especially in Mary Velayat due to good weather. Favourable climate conditions stipulate the opening of cotton bolls what requires the increment of the rates of the gathering of remained cotton.

It was found out during the inspections that there are all opportunities for additional volume of production in Mary Velayat by using hand picking and machine harvesting if necessary. It was also mentioned that such situation is observed not only at the cotton fields of this region but also in other velayats of the country and that there iis the opportunity to have rich harvest without any losses.

Having listened to the report, the Head of the State released Hyakim of Mary Velayat B. Annagurbanov from his position due to transfer to another rework.

The President of Turkmenistan appointed D. Annaberdiyev as the Hyakim of Mary Velayat, having released him from the post of the Deputy Minister of Finances and Economy.

Continuing the meeting, the Head of the State addressed new Hyakim of Mary Velayat and focused his attention on the necessity of actual measures for comprehensive development of the region and improvement of life of the population.

It is necessary to accelerate the works for transformation of social and living conditions of the residents of villages, settlements, cities and etraps according to relevant and other States Programmes. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pointed out that it is necessary to build living houses for the account of the State and private investments.

Timely putting into operation of new buildings and facilities in the velayat was outlined among the priority objectives. Special attention is to be paid to quality and architectural design, the Head of the State instructed.

More than 4500 families received the land plots in Mary Velayat during last several years, the Head of the State said, having mentioned that the population is growing and new families are made. Due to the growth of number of the citizens willing to have land plots and build the houses, the President of the country requested to prepare the proposals on the formation of additional Land Fund in the etraps of the region.

First of all, the heads of the velayats, cities and etraps are directly responsible for timely fulfilment of the objectives set out in the State programmes, which are aimed at the steadfast development of the country, the Head of Turkmenistan highlighted, having focused the attention of the participants on perspective directions of further work.

The President reminded the participants that the Programme of social and economic development of the country in 2018 � 2024 that outlines important objectives for the development of the regions including Mary Velayat has been adopted at the session of the Council of the Elders in Ahal Velayat.

Increase of agricultural crops output and volumes of agricultural production, activation of long-term leasing of land to private sector are among the key vectors of coming work.

It is now when it is necessary to take care of the lands under the wheat according to agricultural standards and scientific recommendations to receive generous harvest, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov ordered.

Proper measures have to be taken for picking of the remained cotton on the fields in shortest possible time, the President noted, having requested to prepare for the next season, particularly to repair agricultural equipment after winter crops sowing for further use during coming cotton sowing.

Improvement of agricultural crops productivity by the improvement of soil condition is one of the main objectives, the Head of Turkmenistan noted, having focused the attention on the importance of rational use of water resources taking into account the special character of soil and climate conditions of the velayat.

Necessary measures are required for increase of the volumes of fruit vegetable and cucurbitaceous production and potatoes to provide the food abundance, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov mentioned, having highlighted the importance of sale of the surplus of this production and opening of new markets.

Continuing the subject, Turkmen leader ordered to put into operation modern hothouses that were planned to be built in the velayat on time to provide the provision of the population with fresh production around the year.

Having dwelt on the issues of the development, the Head of the State highlighted that it is necessary to take appropriate measures for increase of the livestock and increase of the volumes of livestock production.

The President of the country also highlighted the necessity to continue high rate of the construction of schools, kindergartens, hospitals, health and cultural centres, sport facilities, roads and bridges. It is necessary to provide unstoppable supply of the population with drinking water, electricity, gas and communication services, the Head of the State noted, having given the instructions to allocate the land plots and beneficial bank loans for the construction of houses and domestic farming.

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Annameredov made report on the preparation to the ceremony of the start of the construction of new railroad in Serhetabat etrap toTurgundy Railway Station in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The Vice-premier asked the President to give start to the coming works.

Having noted that all participants would take part in the events, the Head of the State requested the Vice-premier to take proper measures for conduct of the ceremony of high organizational level.

Turkmen people has the right to be proud of the level of economic power reached by the country allows us rendering assistance to neighbouring states, in particularly to Afghanistan in the development of its transport infrastructure. This is bright evidence of the constructiveness of our policy of good neighbourliness, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said.

At the end of the offsite session of the Cabinet of Ministers, the Head of the State wished strong health, family prosperity and great success in work to all participants and prosperity to the people of the country.

Working trip of the Head of the State to Mary Velayat is continued.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan