The Turkmen edition explained the reasons for the ban on flights of “Turkmen Airlines” in the EU

The pro-government Turkmen edition Orient reported that the reason for the ban on flights of Turkmen Airlines airplanes over the territory of the EU countries was "discrepancies in the American and European systems that define the requirements and standards for the operation of air equipment."

According to American standards, the history of the aircraft is recorded from the date of its purchase from the manufacturer, according to European rules, from the production of the aircraft at the plant.

According to the newspaper, the Turkmen airline received a written warning about the speedy suspension of flight authorization on January 31, 2019 from the executive director of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Patrick Key. The letter itself was not published.

The reasons for which the airline did not immediately take into account the nuances and differences in safety standards, the publication explains by the fact that the Turkmen Airlines air fleet consists exclusively of American Boeings, therefore it is "logical" that the American system was used, even for flights to Europe.

It should be noted that the US Embassy in Ashgabat has prohibited its employees from using the services of Turkmen Airlines for both domestic and international flights.

According to Orient, there are no technical claims to the aircraft, and the fleet is constantly updated. The old Boeings (2003-2004) are being sold, new ones are being bought, the newspaper writes.

Note that, according to the Flightradar24 website, Turkmen Airlines aircraft are really quite new - the average age of the vessel is 7.6 years. However, the UK also regularly operated flights and Boeing 757, which are 18 and 22 years old.

The Turkmen airline will tidy up the documentation of the aircraft with the help of experts from Lufthansa Consulting. In the meantime, a Spanish airline, Wamos Air, was hired to operate the flights, according to The Telegraph , a European airline with one of the lowest ratings on Trip Advisor .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan