The Turkmen Foreign Ministry supported Iranians affected by heavy rains. No mudflows in Turkmenistan reported

Turkmen Foreign Ministry expressed support for Iran, in which residents of the provinces bordering Turkmenistan suffered from heavy rain.

"The Turkmen side has declared its fraternal support for the people of Iran," according to the Foreign Ministry website .

Note that since mid-March, torrential rains have poured over the north-western territories of Turkmenistan and the border provinces of Iran. As the "Chronicle of Turkmenistan" previously reported, in some of the affected regions, the annual precipitation rate fell in a short time . This led to mudflows and the flooding of dozens of villages and the city of Bereket.

The correspondent of Radio "Azatlyk" described in detail the consequences of the elements and spoke about the affected people, whom "the state abandoned to the mercy of fate."

On March 25, the radio reported that it flooded the city of Serdar. According to Azatlyk, trains were stopped in the city, agricultural fields were damaged, the main road leading from the city was blocked.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan