The Turkmen President, discontent with the number of newly built facilities, dismissed the head of Balkan velayat

At the Cabinet session held on 5 July President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov ordered a review of the situation with regard to newly built facilities in Turkmenistan and preparing the construction program for 2019.

Despite sufficient funding and the need to build several construction objects, the volume of investments in this area has decreased as well as the number of newly-built facilities. Some significant construction projects, which are scheduled to be commissioned this year, are behind schedule and no relevant measures to expedite the pace of works are being undertaken, � the state information agency TDH quoted the President.

Khyakim of Balkan velayat S. Satlykov was dismissed for an insufficient number of completed construction projects. After listening to a progress report, Berdymukhammedov said that despite the fact that the authorities invest heavily in the development of the velayat, the newly-built facilities are not commissioned in a timely manner in the region. Except the velayat khyakim, deputy khyakim of the city of Balkanabat, Sh. Gurbanmammedov and deputy khyakim of Esenguly etrap R. Rejepov were relieved of their posts.

Compared to other regions, in the past six months fewer residential houses have been built in Balkan velayat. Only one recreational centre for 30 beds and the House of Culture designed to accommodate 200 seats were commissioned, � the President added.

Y. Gylydzhov, who had been dismissed as the khyakim of Avaza etrap of the city of Turkmenbashi and Chairperson of the national recreational zone Avaza, was appointed the new head of the region.

In the course of the meeting the President said that over the past six months 26 large-scale facilities and residential houses with a total value of about $3,2 billion have been commissioned in the country.

Overall, according to the head of state, a total of 1600 industrial and community projects worth about $40,5 billion are under construction in Turkmenistan.

Let us recall that virtually every month the President of Turkmenistan attends festive events in honour of the opening of new construction sites.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan